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PUBG: Event Mode – PGI 2018 guide


Our PUBG Event Mode PGI 2018 guide contains details of the end date and time, team sizes, maximum player count and all the official rules.

PUBG’s Global Invitational 2018 event is currently going on in Berlin and it’s easily the biggest PUBG event to date. If you’re unaware of what it is, or how it works, it’s essentially a world championship with all the best teams from around the globe battling it out to be crowned the winners of the chicken dinner.

To commemorate the occasion, PUBG’s released a special PGI 2018 Event Mode which replaces the traditional format with the professional ruleset. This means matches will move at an accelerated pace with loot, vehicles and more spawning on the map much faster. Even the Blue Zone constricts at a faster rate!

In this article we’ve outlined everything you’ll need to know about this new PGI 2018 Event Mode and its all-important ruleset. We’ve highlighted the event schedule, what you’ll be able to queue in, the map and a few other things too.

The PUBG Global Invitational 2018 is live right now. To keep up with all the action, or get a brief overview of what it’s all about, make sure you check out our PUBG Global Invitational 2018 guide!

PUBG – PGI 2018 Event Mode: Start and End Date/Times

The PGI 2018 Event Mode began on 26th July at 7:00PM PST. That was 3:00AM here in the UK and 4:00AM in Europe.

The event comes to a close this Sunday 29th july. Again, it’s a 7:00PM PST finish which translates over to the UK and Europe too.

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PUBG – PGI 2018 Event Mode: Rules

Here are all the special rules in place for this event. If there’s ever a time you wanted to go pro, well now’s the time to practice as you’ll be playing with their exclusive ruleset!

Available Queues

  • 4-man squads on Erangel.
  • All regions: FPP only.

Official Ruleset

  • Perspective is locked to FPP (like in many popular competitive events).
  • The blue zone moves more quickly than in games with normal settings.
  • Weapons spawns are a bit more generous. (AR, SR, DMR x1.5, SMG x1.2, Crossbow x0.1)
  • Red zones are disabled.
  • 20 cars with exclusive decals (and full gas tanks) are spawned in fixed locations across 20 landmark areas. (Please note, there’s a known issue where the special car in North Georgopol is stuck on the guard rail.)
  • The mode is limited to four-man squads. Auto-matching is forced.
  • The mode is limited to 80 maximum players (20 teams of four players).
  • Regular care package drops are enabled
  • Killer spectating is enabled.
  • Weather is set to “Sunny Clear”.

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