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PUBG: How to cook grenades (PC, Xbox One)


Our guide to how to cook grenades in PUBG contains everything you need to know about how the frag grenade works, and how to pull the pin out early to catch enemies off-guard.

PUBG’s one of those games where many things really aren’t ever explained to you overtly, and you have to work things out through trial and error (or by reading up on a site like geeksplatform). There’s no tutorial in the game after all, and so you’re expected to trawl through a lengthy in-game control list and absorb all the bindings in one glance. We certainly didn’t do this.

Having picked up the control scheme bit by bit as we steadily poured more hours into the game ourselves, we were hoping there might be a way of adding a little extra timing to our grenades. We thought holding onto it for a bit would do the job, but it turns out there’s a completely separate command for pulling the pin out of the grenade prematurely, before chucking it at your target of choice.

Below we’ve put together a simple guide that’ll take you through the basics of throwing a grenade fast, or cooking it up before you lob it into a group of enemies. Although it might seem like an insigificant thing, mastering these extra tricks of the trade can sometimes mean the difference between winning or losing an encounter – and at geeksplatform, we’re all about those winning edges.

How to cook grenades

Here’s a step by step guide to releasing the pin early and giving your enemies an explosive surprise, whether you’re playing on PC or Xbox One.


  • First, equip the grenade in your inventory.
  • Select it using the number [5] key – or whatever button you have it bound to if you’ve been tinkering with your keybinds.
  • Press and hold the [LMB] on your mouse so you’re ready to throw it.
  • Now if you pull out the pin by pressing the [R] key, you’ll hear a clicking audio cue.
  • Once you’ve pulled the pin out, you have approximately 5 seconds to get it to your target before it blows up in your face.
  • We recommend chucking it towards your target at around 3 seconds in. This gives the grenade enough travel and landing time so it’ll detonate at just the right moment. Releasing it any later will result in the grenade exploding too early.

Xbox One

  • Equip the grenade in your inventory.
  • Select it so you’ve got the grenade in your hand.
  • Press and hold [RT] to ready the grenade for a big old throw.
  • Tap [LB] to release the pin and cook the grenade.
  • Release [RT] to chuck the grenade.

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Grenade throwing tips

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to grenades that you might not be aware of:

  • You can run while throwing grenades, but you cannot sprint.
  • Grenades take character velocity into account, which means that running or jumping as you throw will affect the trajectory or distance the grenade travels.
  • You can actually holster a grenade if you’ve got it ready to throw. Switching to another weapon or going into an unarmed state will put the grenade away. If you’ve got it cooked though, you’ll be forced into throwing it and you cannot put it away – be warned!
  • While the [LMB] is used to throw grenades, you can also use the [RMB] or [LT] buttons and triggers to roll it gently across the ground.

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