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PUBG: Best Handgun guide


Our PUBG guide to the best Handguns in the game covers the P18C, P92, P1911 and R1895 and R45.

Often the opening moments of a PUBG match come down to landing as quickly as possible and then scouring the nearest building for equipment at lightning speed. When it comes to the crunch you’re likely to end up swiping a Pistol for early defense, as these are easily the game’s most common drops. In this regard, it’s worth knowing which sidearm to prioritise – you’ll be encountering a lot of them, after all.

There are five Pistols currently in the game and they all have a variety of traits which distinguish them from the others. While we wouldn’t recommend using these guns in the latter stages of a match, they can certainly secure you one or two early kills when everyone’s still gearing up.

Some Pistols deal surprising amounts of damage but have long reload times, while others may have larger magazines but aren’t capable of making a scratch in armoured enemies. Below we’ve put together a guide to help you understand which sidearm should be your preferred choice, given the option to swap it out for something else.

Make sure you visit our core PUBG Guide hub when you’re done here. It contains all of the most important tips and tactics you need to win more games.

The Best Handguns: R1895 #5

Landing a headshot with this weapon on an enemy without a helmet is a guaranteed kill. The trouble is, it’s exceptionally difficult to do so.

There’s a lot of kick with every shot and the R1895’s fire rate certainly isn’t high. Miss your shots and you’ll be forced to either reposition or flee as the enemy will almost certainly have time to take advantage of your mishaps.

One last thing as well – its reload time is absurdly long if you fire all rounds in the chamber. More often than not, we wouldn’t recommend this weapon unless you’ve got an exceptional aim about you.

The Best Handguns: R45 #4

Replacing the R1895 on Miramar, the R45 is a hard-hitting revolver that’s a little more forgiving than its counterpart.

It can take a red dot sight for easier aiming and supports the plentiful .45 ACP ammo type so you needn’t be worried about wasting bullets. On top of this, it’s got a significantly faster reload speed than the R1895 which means you’ll be less vulnerable in a firefight.

We’ve placed it towards the bottom of our list because we feel that it still doesn’t have the firing rate or reload speed to challenge the other Pistols – especially when you consider that speed is everything when facing enemies in the early game.

The Best Handguns: #3 P92

This is a modest Handgun that supports the abundant 9mm ammo type and deals average damage. You can’t really go wrong with this sidearm, but it doesn’t exactly stand out from hte pack either.

You can attach almost anything to a P92 which makes life easier when it comes to aiming or reloading under pressure. The main advantage this weapon brings is its large magazine size, which makes it perfect for spamming shots at close-quarters.

It’s crtainly not bad, but there are definitely better Pistols out there.

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The Best Handguns: #2 P1911

The P1911 takes .45 ACP rounds which gives it fantastic stopping-power up-close and when compared with many other pistols that use the less potent 9mm variety. In this sense, it combines the stopping power of a revolver with the handling of a Pistol, making it a must-pick sidearm when looting right after you’ve landed.

The Best Handguns: #1 P18C

The P18C is the only Pistol in the game which can fire bullets in full auto mode. This makes it fantastic at shredding targets at close range, especially when players are less likely to be sporting armour or helmets in the first few minutes of any given match.

As with any other pistols in the game, the P18C struggles at long range, and while emptying a clip may be enough to take down one opponent, you won’t take two targets out. These are minor niggles for a sidearm though, and it’s still a really, really good choice!

Both our best sniper and best assault rifle pages are worth a read if you’re after info on other extremely powerful gear!

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