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PUBG: How to vault through windows


On this page you’ll learn how to vault through windows easily in PUBG.

Before PUBG’s 1.0 patch, navigating the game’s buildings were an absolute nightmare to say the very least. Vaulting wasn’t a feature back then, so you’d have to employ finicky jump crouch maneuvers to perform a particularly awkward breach and clear, or an attempted getaway with a 50/50 success rate.

Now that vaulting is a key part of getting around in PUBG, we’re able to scale fences and move around maps with relative ease. Although it may not seem possible, windows can also be vaulted through. Simply run towards them, press the vault key and you’ll clatter through the glass pane SWAT style (sort of).

If you’re unfamiliar with how vaulting through windows works in PUBG, this page has you covered. We’ll go through the controls and provide a few tips to help you get up to speed on when you should and shouldn’t be crashing through glass panes.

How to vault through windows

Here’s how you’ll go about vaulting through a window in PUBG.

  • Run up to a window by pressing the [W] key.
  • When you’re within touching distance, press the [Space Bar] while holding [W].
  • Your character will then smash through the glass and vault through the window.
  • Vaulting speed is dependent on the height of the obstacle. If it’s particularly tall then it’ll take some time, but if it’s a small ledge then it won’t take long at all.
  • If you’re approaching a window on the bottom floor of a building, then you’ll be able to vault through it a little faster. Hold down [Shift] + [W] to sprint before pressing [Space Bar] when you’re within touching distance. This’ll cause you’re character to burst through the window with a little more speed than if you were static.
  • Of course, be wary of the noise that breaking a window makes. It could attract some unwanted attention.

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Window Vaulting: Tips and Tricks

We’ve put together a couple things to bear in mind when vaulting through windows.

Video by Him vs Her

  • Perhaps the most important thing to bear in mind is the loud noise you’ll make when bursting through a window. Be wary of doing this in a hotly contested area as you’re likely to attract some unwanted attention. We’d recommend making sure that the area is completely clear before doing so, or reserving window vaulting for when you’re in need of a speedy getaway.
  • Once you’ve started the vaulting animation you won’t be able to control your character anymore. Make sure that the coast is clear before going ahead and crashing through a window or scaling a fence – you won’t be able to retaliate mid-vault!

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