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PUBG: Guide – Tips, tricks, tactics and strategy advice


Our massive PUBG guide contains tips, tricks, tactics and strategy advice for handling weapons and equipment, with gameplay and system settings guides as well.

It may have found itself under attack from a fair few competitors over the last six months or so, but it’s safe to say that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – or rather, PUBG as pretty much everyone in the world calls it – isn’t going anywhere for a very long time to come yet.

With a fresh development roadmap now in place for PUBG, we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the content updates arrive thick and fast in the coming months. Alongside that will come a fresh influx of new players, and the return of many veterans who have begun to see what lies just over the horizon.

We’re certainly still having a blast with the game, and in our PUBG guide we’re pulling together all of the explainers and other how-to articles we’ve been publishing on the site in recent months. There are loads more of these to come as well, and we’ll make sure every new guide gets slotted in here, so you can jump straight into whatever you need help with, and do so from one core guide.

If there’s anything in particular that you’d like to see us cover in our PUBG guide just let us know. We’ve got loads of stuff we want to cover ourselves, but we can always take a detour for a day or two – just let us know in the comments what you need help with and we will do our best to help you out!

UPDATE – JULY 2018 #1

A new limited time event has just been added to the game. We’ve updated our core guide with the basic details of Metal Rain, with a link to our dedicated guide now accessible from the Limited Time Events section of this article.


If you’re interested in a particular area of our coverage, use the following links to dive straight in. Come back to the top if you want to quickly navigate to another area of interest.

1. Weapons – You’re not going to get far without mastering PUBG’s weapons!

2. Equipment – It’s not all just about the weapons. Our coverage of all the other armour and items in the game.

3. Gameplay – How to improve at the most fundamental elements of PUBG.

4. Maps – Every guide we’ve written about how to gain the upper hand on the various maps in PUBG.

5. Vehicles – All of our guides to getting about the map a little faster using the game’s many vehicle options.

6. Limited Time Events – Tips and tricks for survival in the limited period events that go live in the game from time to time.

7. Systems and Settings – Superior settings to ensure you’re not being disadvantaged for want of a few clever tweaks.

We’ve separated our articles into categories just below, but for those of you who have somehow managed to miss out on the whole PUBG craze up until now, here’s a quick overview of what the game’s all about:

  • PUBG is a so-called Battle Royale shooter, where a large number of players are dropped onto a map and then compete against one another. The last person standing wins the game overall.
  • The playable area on the map becomes smaller over time, forcing the remaining players to move closer and closer to one another. If they stay outside the playable zone, they’ll quickly die.
  • All players start off with zero armour and equipment, and must scavenge their way through all of the buildings and outposts to unlock protective gear, along with a decent arsenal of weapons.
  • There are two maps to play in the game at the time of publishing, up from the one single battleground that was available at launch.
  • You can play the game solo or with other players in a team. Each mode requires a very different strategic focus to win, but the core gameplay remains the same: shoot everyone else, be the last group standing!
  • The game can be played in both first and third-person viewpoints. First-person hasn’t always been available in PUBG, but was added in a patch some time ago.

With that quick overview out of the way, here’s all of our growing guide content, separated into distinct categories. Expect more articles – and indeed categories – to be included in the days and weeks ahead of us.


Here’s everything we’ve written so far about the weapons in PUBG:

Best Weapons by Category

  • Assault Rifles – Time to drill down into individual weapons. Assault Rifles are awesome all-rounders, and we’ve ranked the lot of them from best to worst – The Best Assault Rifle in PUBG
  • Handguns – In up-close encounters you want to pack a seriously sturdy Handgun. We’ve got an essential ranking of these particular weapons from worst to best. Use this guide to ensure you always prioritise the very best Handguns in the game. The best Handgun in PUBG
  • Melee Weapons – If you’ve really drawn the short straw when it comes to early-game loot, you might find yourself wielding something decidedly clunky. Take a look at our pick of the best melee weapons to keep an eye out for when all else fails!. The best Melee weapons in PUBG
  • Sniper Rifles – If you prefer to do your killing from a sensibly safe range, you’ll want to pack the very best Sniper Rifle. Check out our guide to this weapon category for some crucial loadout advice.The best Sniper Rifle in PUBG

Weapon Rankings

  • Weapon Loadouts – Choosing a solid selection of weapons can be quite tricky to wrap your head around, but in this article you’ll find our advice for picking the best weapon loadouts in the game. The best weapon loadouts in PUBG
  • Best Weapons – You’re not going to get far in PUBG with a handful of powerful weapons, but which weapons are the best? Keep your eyes peeled for these awesome weapons of destruction when hoovering up all of that lovely loot. The best weapons in PUBG
  • Tier List – We’ve gone through each category of weapon in the game and ranked them all in each case. We’ve also got tonnes of damage stats info in there too, so you can get some insight into how we’ve made our decisions. PUBG: Best to Worst Guns Tier List


  • Firing Modes – Different firing modes are much better suited to specific combat scenarios. This article explains how to switch things up to give yourself an advantage in every possible scrap. The best firing mode in PUBG
  • Best Attachments – Getting hold of a good weapon is one thing, but you can actually enhance them even further. We explain how to choose the best attachment for each weapon. Best attachments for every weapon
  • Zeroing Distance – To land shots at distance you need to master something known as zeroing distance. Our guide explains what it is, and how to make it work for you. PUBG: Best zeroing distance

Individual Weapons

  • Flare Gun – A new weapon is on its way to PUBG, but this intriguing new addition is used to summon some of the game’s best loot straight from the sky. Check out this link for everything that’s known about this in-testing device. PUBG: Flare Gun guide


What equipment should you be looking for next, assuming you’ve bagged yourself a tasty weapon? You’ll find all the answers to that question and others in our equipment section.

  • Best Gear – You can charge in naked and all-guns blazing if you’d like, but you better be a pretty good shot if you choose to do so. Alternatively, keep your eyes peeled for these crucial items as you clean up the map. Best gear in PUBG – Armour, equipment and items
  • Equipping Gear – Having gathered together your gear, it’s important that you know how to switch between items rapidly. Our guide explains how to switch seamlessly between items in combat. How to equip guns, attachments and grenades
  • Cooking Grenades – Your grenades will have a much bigger impact if you can cook the timers so that the explosion lands right on your would-be victim. This guide explains how to do just that! How to cook grenades in PUBG
  • Camouflage Outfits – There are more than cosmetic considerations when it comes to clothing in PUBG. By choosing the right item combos you stand a much better chance of blending into your surroundings. PUBG: Best outfit for camouflage (Erangel and Miramar)


There are some really important gameplay mechanics that are crucial to master if you want even a fighting chance at that Chicken Dinner. Expect many more articles to be added to this category in the near future.

  • Duo Mode – How to come out on top when fighting with a friend in PUBG. PUBG: How to win duo
  • Solo Mode – All of our best tips for surviving the onslaught when playing all on your own in the game’s Solo queue. PUBG: How to win solo
  • Event Pass – PUBG’s joined the rest of the pack by introducing a premium pass system that’s packed with cosmetic rewards. PUBG: Event Pass guide – Cost, release date, missions and rewards
  • Zombie Matches – Fancy taking part in PUBG’s zombie mode? Here’s everything you need to know about sinking your teeth into this section of the game. How to play zombie mode in PUBG
  • Late Game – A different kind of mindset is required as you approach the end-game of PUBG. Our guide to surviving the last critical encounters will help you survive just a little bit longer. How to win the late game in PUBG
  • Healing – Understanding all of the different self-healing options you have at your disposal can make the difference between bagging that Chicken Dinner or finishing up in second. This article contains everything you need to know about staying alive. How to heal yourself
  • Dropping Items – It’s vital you keep a clean inventory in PUBG, and ensure you don’t waste valuable bag space carrying redundant equipment around. This article explains how to lose outdated items in a flash. How to drop items (PC, Xbox One).
  • Vaulting – The ability to clamber around the landscape – even over awkward obstacles – can save you in a pinch. This article explains how to improve your traversal skills. How to vault in PUBG
  • Stealth – You know how a good defense can be the best offense? Stay near-silent at all times in PUBG and you can choose every fight on your own terms. How to be silent and stealthy in PUBG
  • Faster Landing – The faster you get yourself on the ground, the sooner you can start looting ahead of the competition. This article explains how you can land more quickly. How to land faster in PUBG
  • Farming BP – Our guide to efficiently adding more BP to your stash while playing the game. Best ways to get and farm BP in PUBG
  • Better Aiming – Whether you’re using a scope or iron-sights, it’s crucial that you make the most of each combat opportunity. We’ve got loads of tips and tricks for improving your aim. How to aim better in PUBG
  • Best Landing Spots – Knowing where to start off is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in every game, and we’ve outlined some of the best landing spots you can pick in PUBG. Best landing and loot spots in PUBG


If there’s a particular map you want to focus on getting better at playing, you’ll find all of our in-depth help right here. This is a growing section of our PUBG guide, so stay tuned for more updates to this section in the very near future.


  • Sanhok – The next PUBG map will be considerably smaller than the other two, offering some unique strategic opportunity for bagging those elusive Chicken Dinners. We’ve got tips, tricks and strategy advice for surviving on this new small-scale battlefield. Sanhok map guide
  • Erangel – The original (and some say the best) PUBG map can be confusing for a newcomer, but we’ve picked out some of the best landing spots to get geared up quickly – and also pointed out the places you probably want to avoid. Erangel map guide
  • Miramar – PUBG’s second map got a bit of a bad rap at launch but we enjoy the slower-pace of desert combat. Our Miramar guide contains loads of useful landing spot and looting advice so make sure you give it a look. Miramar map guide


  • Loot maps – Head over to our loot map article and you’ll be able to get a visual guide to choosing the starting spots with the highest concentration of the game’s best gear! PUBG Loot map
  • Choosing Maps – Although not an officially sanctioned method, it is possible to force PUBG to let you play on a specific map. Please exercise caution with this one. How to only play the old map in PUBG (or the new one!)
  • Loot Spawns – Our essential guide to tracking down the best loot in the best locations on all of PUBG’s maps. Not all of them are bloodbaths either! We’ve got some nice spots off the beaten track for you in this article. PUBG: The best loot spawns


There are good vehicles, bad vehicles and in-between vehicles to enjoy in PUBG. In this section of our PUBG guide you’ll find a breakdown of all the articles we have to help you get better at playing this area of the game.

  • Flipping Vehicles – Everything you need to know about flipping cars and bikes over in PUBG. PUBG: How to flip over vehicles
  • Driving Guide – Cars and bikes alike can be surprisingly fiddly to control, particularly in the thick of action. Give yourself a headstart by reading through our essential starter guide to both vehicle types. PUBG: How to drive cars and bikes
  • Vehicle Spawns – Although there’s a large degree of variance regarding the exact spawning of vehicles each game, there are certain hotspots which it’s well worth being aware of. When you need a vehicle in a pinch, you’ll be glad you did you reading up! PUBG: Best vehicle spawns and locations (Erangel, Miramar)

Limited Time Events

From time to time the developers like to shake things up by holding temporary special events. These shake the rules of the game up considerably, and provide a very welcome breath of fresh air!

  • Metal Rain – Hunt down the flare guns sprinkled all around Erangel and you’ll be able to summon in special vehicles or valuable care packages – PUBG: Metal Rain guide
  • Tequila Sunrise – This one’s nice and simple. Grab a shotgun, grab some armour and hunt the opposition in this Squad-only close-quarters fight to the death. Fingers crossed this one comes around again soon. PUBG: Tequila Sunrise guide

Systems and Settings

A little bit of tinkering under the hood, or tweaking of hardware, can have a remarkable effect on your personal performance. Work through these essential guides if you want to give yourself the best possible start in PUBG.



  • NVIDIA Setings – A little bit of time spent tweaking your NVIDIA system can pay huge dividends. We’ve walk you through the process of optimising your system step by step. The best NVIDIA settings for PUBG
  • Audio Settings – The better your audio setup, the better your chances of surviving the ambush you couldn’t see coming. Check this guide out if you want to tweak your audio to perfection. The best audio sound settings for PUBG
  • FPS Settings – We’ll show you how to tweak your graphics settings to gain a massive boost to your FPS, without sacrificing the fine detail you need to stay alive. Best PUBG FPS settings to boost performance
  • Mouse DPI – It’s so important you take the time to tweak the sensitivity settings of your mouse, especially when it comes to aiming with different scopes. Never fear! We’ll walk you through the whole process nice and easily. Best mouse DPI and sensitivity settings


  • Keybinds and Hotkeys – Every micro-second you can shave off the time spent on control mechanics is better spent focusing on survival. This article explains how to set your keybinds and hotkeys up for optimal performance. Best Keybinds, hotkeys and keyboard layouts in PUBG


  • Mobile – PUBG is now out on Android devices and this article explains how to download the game and get the most out of it. PUBG: Mobile guide
  • Mobile Updates – Advice on how to make sure your mobile PUBG client is always up to date and ready to go. How to update PUBG Mobile

That’s the end of our PUBG guide for now. We’ll be adding lots more articles to geeksplatform in the near future, and you’ll be able to find the latest ones from this very page. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments if there’s anything in particular that you’d like to see us tackle first.

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