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PUBG: How to vault


On this page you’ll learn how to vault and climb over obstacles in PUBG.

In PUBG’s 1.0 release way back in December 2017, it introduced the highly anticipated vaulting feature and it’s easily one of the best updates to hit the game. Vaulting enables players to clamber over obstacles and smoothly climb over smaller objects too.

Before this, players relied on timing their jumps perfectly or simply finding other ways around obstacles that might be in their way. Basically, it was a nightmare. You’d awkwardly clip into the environment or repeatedly bash into whatever you were trying to climb over.

Thankfully that’s all been addressed now that we’ve been granted the ability to vault. We’re able to traverse the environment on foot with relative ease and scale buildings quickly to get the drop on opponents.

If you’re struggling to get the hang of vaulting in PUBG, we’ve put together a guide to remedy that. It’ll explain how to vault and provide some tips on when you should and shouldn’t decide to do so.

Make sure you visit our core PUBG Guide hub when you’re done here. It contains all of the most important tips and tactics you need to win more games!

How to vault

Here’s how vaulting in PUBG works.

  • Run up to an object by pressing the [W] key.
  • When you’re within touching distance, press the [Space Bar] while holding down [W].
  • Your character should automatically climb over or on top of the obstacle.
  • Vaulting speed depends on how the height of the obstacle in question. If it’s a tall fence for example, then it’ll take longer for your character to climb over it. If it’s a low wall, then your character will climb over it with ease.
  • With low obstacles, holding down [Shift] + [W] to sprint, before pressing [Space Bar] when you’re within touching distance will actually cause your character to hop over smoothly. Note that this doesn’t work with tall objects.
  • You can vault out of windows, just be wary of the loud noise it makes.

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Vaulting Tips and Tricks

A few things to bear in mind when vaulting over obstacles.

Video by Vault Dude.

  • When you’re vaulting over a particularly tall object, take into account how long it’ll take. You don’t want to get caught by enemy mid animation!
  • You can’t control your character in any way once you’ve started vaulting, so make sure you check the area for any threats before you decide to climb a structure.
  • You can climb up to certain rooftops by vaulting onto the top of a door once it’s been opened. Then it’s case of hopping onto the roof from this position.

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