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Spell (Miracle) Priest deck list guide – Hearthstone (Rastakhan’s Rumble)


Initial theorycrafting thoughts on a possible new archetype for Hearthstone.

Our Miracle Priest deck list guide contains early thoughts on a deck list for the Hearthstone archetype. Our Miracle Priest guide will also be updated with Mulligan advice, card combos and strategy tips.

Miracle Priest is a Hearthstone deck that could see some play once again after the launch of Rastakhan’s Rumble. A number of new cards in the set promote this archetype, so we’ve put together a quick guide for how the deck might play, plus a look at the key cards that might feature in the deck list.

It’ll be interesting to see just how viable Miracle Priest becomes with the new cards. It certainly appears they will at least have a small positive impact, though whether that will be enough to catapult the deck into the higher tiers of play remains to be seen for now.

Nevertheless, as Rastakhan’s Rumble approaches release we’ll be updating this page with a full deck list and other words of advice. Until then, here are some of the key cards we expect to feature in Miracle Priest.


We wanted to bring you an updated version of Miracle Priest so you could get stuck into a Rastakhan take on it right away. It’s subject to change, of course, in the coming weeks so careful with your crafting dust. This list was created by the Vicious Syndicate team:

Miracle Priest deck list – Rastakhan’s Rumble launch

Priest Neutral
2 x Circle of Healing 2 x Wild Pyromancer
2 x Regenerate 2 x Acolyte of Pain
2 x Northshire Cleric 2 x Banana Buffoon
2 x Power Word: Shield 1 x Zola the Gorgon
2 x Auchenai Phantasm
2 x Radiant Elemental
2 x Seance
2 x Shadow Visions
1 x Lyra the Sunshard
1 x Mojomaster Zihi
1 x Archbishop Benedictus
2 x Psychic Scream
2 x Grave Horror

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.

Deck Import ID: AAECAa0GBL7IAonNAsPqAsCPAw3lBPYH0gryDPsM0cEC2MEC6NAC5ogD64gD0okD64oD6owDAA==

More great Priest guides:

As the deck list becomes refined, we will update the rest of this article so it reflects the latest competitive version of the deck.

Miracle Priest – Relevant Cards

  • Sand Drudge – An OK minion to play on turn three but as soon as you start combining it with some spells you’ll have an army of annoying 1/1 zombie minions in no time.
  • Seance – Has the benefit of being able to choose either friendly or opposing minions, which gives it extra flexibility when compared with the older Convert card.
  • Grave Horror – Priest’s very own version of Arcane Giant. Losing one stat for the addition of Taunt is a worthwhile sacrifice for the added protection to your life total.
  • Regenerate – A zero mana card that heals for three health is nice enough on its own, but that low cost is what makes it so useful in Spell Priest.
  • Dragon Soul – With all the deck’s cheap spells you should be able to reach the three spell requirement fairly easily to start summoning a board full of 5/5 dragons.
  • Lyra the Sunshard – Can help you get a huge chain of spells going or simply refill your hand with additional spells to more easily activate any of the cards above.
  • Radiant Elemental – A decent minion that will contest the board, but also provides some extremely handy spell cost reduction, so you can chain together even more spells over a single turn.
  • Wild Pyromancer – With all the spells in the deck this becomes an excellent minion to help with board clears throughout the game.
  • Psionic Probe – Another way for you to add more spells to your hand, and maybe even steal something useful from your opponent at the same time.

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