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Spells Unending Mage guide – March 2016 – Hearthstone


How to climb the ladder quickly with the new Spells Unending Mage deck.

Blizzard has just added the Deck Recipe feature to Hearthstone, and it introduces a handful of pre-made decks that you might enjoy tinkering with. In the first of today’s guides, we’re taking a closer look at the Spells Unending Mage that forms a part of this collection.

Read on for tips on the general strategy involved when playing this deck, some useful Mulligan advice, and a round-up of all the most crucial combos involved as you weave your arcane spells amongst your magical minions.

Spells Unending strategy overview – March 2016

It’s extremely important that you make a high impact in the early-game when you’re playing this tempo-driven deck. You’ve got huge synergies to play with right from the very start of the game, which allow you to either make favourable trades, or hard remove a minion while powering up your own side of the board at the same time!

Mana Wyrm, for example, can be boosted up considerably with the likes of Arcane Blast, Frostbolt, Arcane Missiles and Mirror Image. Even The Coin will give this creature a boost, allowing you to extract even more value from your early turns. As you hit Turn 3, you’re able to play Flamewaker, which spits out random damage for each spell that’s subsequently played.

Towards the mid-game you’re able to draw on the extremely sticky presence of Water Elemental to help control the board and any weapon-wielding opponents. Azure Drake helps with fuelling your hand and your spell-damage output, while Ethereal Conjurer can often be relied upon to provide you with a game-changing spell.

Things get really interesting in the late-game, however. Rhonin will grant you three copies of Arcane Missiles when he dies, which might not seem like much, but those feeble missiles can be used to draw Fireballs through Archmage Antonidas. You must extract as much value as you can out of this latter character, so don’t play him onto the board unless you can also whip out a spell or two on the same turn.

Spells Unending Mulligan guide – March 2016

There will always be highly situational choices depending on your opponent, but you can Mulligan the Spells Unending deck very much as you would for a typical Tempo Mage. If you get the Mana Wyrm, then you’re of course looking for high-impact spell cards that can be fed to it over the next turn or two – particularly against aggressive opponents. Frostbolt‘s always a solid pick too, as that early-game removal can prove crucial.

When it comes to typically slower opponents, such as Warrior and Druid, you can afford to Mulligan deeper into your deck, and hold onto cards like Flamewaker, Spellslinger, and even Water Elemental.

A quick note on Arcane Intellect. While it’s an extremely powerful card in the late-game, it’s not worth holding onto at the start. You need to get cards on the board – not in your hand – and begin snowballing your threat as quickly as possible. Always chuck it back if you receive this card during the Mulligan phase.

Spells Unending combos and synergies – March 2016

Maximising the spell synergies is absolutely crucial, so take a bit of time to familiarise yourself with all of the core combos that make the Spells Unending Mage tick.

– Every single card categorised as a spell will feed a Fireball into your hand as long as Archmage Antonidas is out on the board.

– If you’ve been gifted the Arcane Missiles spells via Rhonin‘s Deathrattle, try to play them when you have something like Azure Drake so as to boost up the damage potential.

– On the subject of Azure Drake, any of the damage-dealing spells in this deck will be boosted up by the presence of this Dragon on the board.

– You can’t choose the targets, but the random ping damage of Flamewaker can cause opponents an absolute nightmare – particularly if they can’t remove it quickly. Play your spells before doing any minion trades. You never one when you might get really, really lucky here!

Mana Wyrm‘s damage output is increased for every single spell you play, from Mirror Image to your most powerful damage spells.

Sorcerer’s Apprentice, on the other hand, reduces the cost of all of your spells. It’s important to do your maths very carefully if you plan for this character to be a part of your next turn.

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