Summer Games 2017 theme tune datamined? – Overwatch


Datamine uncovers a new theme tune that could feature in the next Summer Games.

A new Overwatch theme song has been datamined, and it may well be for the anticipated Summer Games event.

The theme tune was discovered by redditor DeadGirlDreaming and was subsequently posted on the Overwatch subreddit.

You can listen to the theme below.

Having listened to the track, many redditors have commented that it sounds like the grand opening of the Olympics, while other have argued that the atmospherics suggest an event set in space. Given the recent release of the Horizon Lunar Colony map, that may be a possibility.

The previous Summer Games theme had a strong Brazilian drumming flavour to reflect the Rio Olympics, however. It seems likely that if Blizzard was to make the Summer Games an annual event, they might want to put some kind of distance between that very specific event and Overwatch’s celebrations, and record a new theme free of those direct parallels.

We’ll update the site with any further details on the upcoming Summer Games event as soon as more information comes our way.

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