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Temple of Orsis guide – Hearthstone


Our essential guide to the first wing of Hearthstone's latest Adventure.

Temple of Orsis, the first wing of the all-new League of Explorers Adventure, should start rolling out onto global servers in the coming 24 hours. The Americas region will get it first though, with Europe beginning their exploration tomorrow morning.

Fortunately there’s plenty of information that’s been data-mined and shared amongst the community, and so we’re able to get a sneak peek at what exactly we’ll be able to get stuck into when the new content arrives.

There will be two bosses in this opening wing – Zinaar and Sun Raider Phaerix – as well as a Temple Escape section and a Warrior and Warlock Challenge. Beating the bosses will reward you with two cards apiece, while the escape section will add a further four cards. Each Hero class gets a single new card that’s specific to their collection.

We will update this guide as and when new content and strategies are revealed, but for now, here’s everything you need to know about the Temple of Orsis. Keep us bookmarked for updates.

Temple of Orsis: Zinnar guide

Zinaar is a troll-themed boss, and has the following interesting mechanics.

  • Hero Power (Normal): Draw a card. Give your opponent a Wish.
  • Hero Power (Heroic): Draw a card. Gain a Mana Crystal. Give your opponent a Wish.

So, what are these Wishes then? Well, there are a few different ones, and they’re all based around the new Discover mechanic which presents you with a selection of random cards appropriately themed to the flavour of the card that initiates the process. Here’s the lowdown on each of the Wishes Zinnar will present you with.

  • Wish for Companionship – Discover a Companion (Misha or Leokk)
  • Wish for Glory – Discover a Minion
  • Wish for More Wishes – Gain 2 Wishes
  • Wish for Power – Discover a Spell
  • Wish for Valor – Discover a (4)-Cost card

It turns out there’s one easy way to take the sting out of even the Heroic fight against Zinnar, and that involves making use of a simple Flamewaker deck.

Zinnar himself will feed you with a constant source of spells to empower the Flamewaker minion with. As long as you focus on making value trades on the board, it shouldn’t take you more than an attempt or two to wrap up this fight.

Temple of Orsis: Sun Raider Phaerix guide

This should prove an interesting fight, as Phaerix possesses a sort of lightning rod called Rod of the Sun. You can only damage the opponent if you control the Rod though and it looks like you gain the Rod by killing it first. As in previous Adventures, the use of Silence might be considered a “cheat”, however, and we may not be able to use cards with the effect.

  • Hero Power (Normal): Passive – Whoever controls the Rod of the Sun is Immune.
  • Hero Power (Heroic): Passive – Phaerix is Immune while he controls the Rod of the Sun.

There’s a further buff in Heroic mode too which gives the Rod a +3/+3 power boost as long as it’s under Phaerix’s control.

The trick to winning the Heroic fight with Phaerix using this Priest deck is to grab the Rod from him as quickly as possible, then Silence it so he’s incapable of becoming Immune to your damage again. From here, you’ve a race to beat your opponent down before he can build a significantly problematic board. Expect this fight to be tougher than the previous Heroic encounter.

Temple of Orsis: Temple Escape guide

The League of Explorers also introduces a new Temple Escape feature to the game. In this mode, you’ll have to survive a series of encounters, within a certain number of turns, in order to escape the wing with your hard-earned treasure. We’ll update this section when we have more details of what exactly you’ll face during this section of the wing.

Freeze Mage will help you make really light work of this encounter, on both Normal and Heroic difficulty. Just keep in mind that halfway through the fight, the ceiling will collapse and kill everything on the board – so don’t waste any of your mass removal options just before you get the warning!

You also need to think really carefully about how much damage you can afford to take as you approach the exit. Timing the use of your Secrets, Blizzards and Frost Novas is incredibly important. Don’t be afraid to take a little damage if it means you can delay your way to freedom as you approach the end.

Temple of Orsis: Warrior Challenge guide

The Warrior Challenge is incredibly easy to complete, and you’ll almost certainly do so at the first attempt. You’ll receive bags of minions with Taunt capabilities, and all you really have to do is take advantage of the Taunt boosts you’re presented with, make trades if you feel under threat, and just keep driving damage home.

Temple of Orsis: Warlock Challenge guide

Likewise, we’ll get you up to speed on how to complete the Warlock Challenge once the decklist has gone live in-game.

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