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The best cheap Shaman deck – July 2015 – Hearthstone


How to get more from the Shaman on a shoestring.

To continue our series examining the kind of decks you can craft with a reasonably low budget, we’re turning our attention next to the mystical Shaman. Truth be told the Shaman can be a rather tricky Hero for the new player to master, due to the character’s unique Overload mechanic which allows you to play bigger threats by “borrowing” Mana from a future turn.

For that reason, we recommend mastering one of the decks composed entirely of Basic cards before deciding to invest your early crafting dust into this character. If you’d rather sample a different Hero altogether, take a look further on down the page to find links to all of our budget decks.

If you’re ready to start investing in the Shaman though, here’s what you need to know about climbing just a little higher on the ladder.

Budget Shaman deck strategy guide

It’s very important that you lock down the early game with this deck, based loosely around the classic Midrange Shaman archetype. When you start out, you’ll be using your removal options to clear down the opponent’s early minions, before you move into the mid-game where slightly weightier fighting options are waiting for you.

It’s equally important that you start pumping out those totems with some regularity as well. These extra bodies on the board are vital for getting maximum use out of your cards that are capable of boosting health and attacking power – Flametongue Totem and Shattered Sun Cleric, for example. They’ll also provide critical extra damage when it comes to getting over the finishing line with a Bloodlust burst.

Budget Shaman deck Mulligan guide

There’s nothing at all complex about the Mulligan process for our budget Shaman deck. Cards like Earth Shock and Rockbiter Weapon will allow you to make those essential early board clears, while Annoy-o-Tron will put up a very irritating wall for your opponent to deal with. While they’re busy doing that, you can start laying out totems or putting more meaningful minions out onto the board.

Budget Shaman deck card combos and deck synergies

Getting maximum efficiency out of the cards at your disposal is more important with this Shaman deck than any of the others we’ve featured in our budget deck series. Here’s what you need to know about getting the most out of the most important cards.

Lightning Storm can be made more powerful with Azure Drake – check your maths carefully if you need a decent board-clear! Throw a spell-damage totem into the mix and you’ve got the potential to cause chaos for your opponent.

– Likewise, Azure Drake can be used to boost up spells like Earth Shock and Crackle.

– The more totems you get out on the board, the more characters you’ll have to receive the benefit of Bloodlust. Throwing this damage-booster out onto the board is one of your key win conditions, so it pays to have as busy a board as possible when it happens!

– Watch your positioning of Flametongue Totem, particularly if you want to use it to trade minions off – make sure the damage flows neatly from one trading creature to the next as they die one after another.

– Use Shattered Sun Cleric to help one of your weaker minions trade up with a more powerful minion on the other side of the board.

More great decks that won’t cost you the earth:

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