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The best neutral Goblins vs Gnomes Legendaries – Hearthstone


Got a little dust lying around? Time to treat yourself.

The Goblins vs Gnomes expansion introduced plenty of new Legendary cards to weave into your deck, from Hero-specific creatures and contraptions, to those cards available to all characters. Yesterday we ran through the Epic neutral cards that we feel deserve a place in every player’s collection, but today we’re turning our attention to the most interesting neutral Legendary recently introduced to the game.

When compiling our list, we’ve taken a few factors into consideration. The raw value of each card’s stats and the additional effects they feature is of course important, but so is the popularity of each one. The average player doesn’t have a limitless supply of crafting dust to work with after all, and so we’ want’re focusing on highlighting those cards that feature most commonly on community deck sites.

Without further ado, here are the Goblins vs Gnomes Legendary cards that we think give you the most bang for their buck in the current metagame.

Dr. Boom

Dr. Boom is, without any shadow of a doubt, the must-have new Legendary card in Goblins vs Gnomes. The Boom Bots summoned by this card can completely wreck your opponent’s board, and it also provides a pretty tasty 7/7 minion to boot. Think of it as a War Golem that’s actually useful, basically.

Blizzard will surely nerf this card at some point in the future, but when they do so you can expect a window of opportunity to disenchant it for the full crafting cost if you wish. If you only have the dust to craft one Legendary from the new expansion, make it this one – many of the most effective decks make room for this devilish doctor.

Sneed’s Old Shredder

Being a Mech-class card, Sneed’s Old Shredder has some obvious synergies with so many other cards in Goblins vs Gnomes, but it’s not a bad minion in its own right. It’s got enough damage to face down fast decks in the latter stages of a game, and the generous health pool should ensure it lives to fight another day.

The Deathrattle effect is icing on the cake for this strong minion, however. While you may have to put your faith in the RNG gods to get something good in exchange for the Shredder’s demise, your odds of receiving something at least somewhat useful are pretty high. Beware hard removal spells like Hex and Polymorph, however, and keep in mind that it can also be silenced.

Foe Reaper 4000

Foe Reaper 4000 is starting to show its first signs of life in the metagame, thanks to some experimentation by popular streamers like Trump. The end-game potential promised by its flavour text speaks for itself, and if your opponent is the lazy type who doesn’t do a good job of positioning minions, you can easily pull their game-plan to pieces.

Priests in particular will enjoy the ability to keep this minion alive, and send it back in on the next turn to dish out a second dose of disaster.

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