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The League of Explorers guide – Hearthstone


Everything you need to know about Hearthstone's next Adventure.

Blizzard has just announced a new Adventure for Hearthstone called The League of Explorers. The reveal came during the opening ceremony of this year’s Blizzcon. Here’s everything we know so far, with more details to be added as Blizzcon unfolds.

If you’re just looking for wing-by-wing guides to beating the encounters, take a look through the links below.

Temple of Orsis guide

What’s the release date and price?

The League of Explorers will be released later this month – Thursday 12th November to be precise. This is an unprecedented turnaround from announcement to release for Hearthstone, and we’ll be bringing you all the latest details as they’re announced.

Update: The full Adventure will cost $20, or you can pay $6.99 or 700 Gold per wing.

How many wings will there be?

There’ll be four wings in total, each one of which will contain a series of bosses. Each time you beat a boss for the first time, you’ll receive a new card for your collection.

Update: The wings are Temple of Orsis, Uldaman, the Ruined City, and the Hall of Explorers.

Will there be class challenges in the next Adventure?

Yes! There’ll be nine brand-new challenges in The League of Explorers – one for each class. Once again, you’ll have to beat the challenge using a pre-made deck in order to get your hands on the new goodies.


How does the new Discover mechanic work?

We’re still waiting for clearer details on this, but it appears that the Discover mechanic that features on certain cards will let you select one of three cards presented to you.

Some of these cards may not be from your actual deck, but rather from a selection that’s appropriate to the type of deck you’re playing. Check back for more information on this fascinating mechanic as the conference unfolds.

Which cards have been revealed so far?

The first card we’ve had a look at is Elise Starseeker. When you play her onto the board, a card called Map to the Golden Monkey is added to your deck. When you draw this, you receive a card called Golden Monkey. Play this onto the board and your hand will be discarded and replaced with Legendary cards!

Update: Since publishing this guide originally, Blizzard has revealed all 45 of the cards available in the League of Explorers. Take a look through the official Facebook page for a breakdown of what you’ll get for beating the encounters.

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