Winter Wonderland Christmas Emotes – Overwatch


Every Christmas Emote now available to unlock on the live Overwatch servers.

As expected, the Winter Wonderland Overwatch update includes plenty of new cosmetic items for you to unlock.

Included in that collection of very Christmas-y cosmetics is a handful of new Emotes for the game.

If you’re sat and work or school and are itching to get home and start unlocking these new rewards, we thought it might be handy to put together a quick gallery of what you can expect.

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Zarya’s Emote runs for such a long time that we weren’t able to find a service that could host the whole GIF! She spends a lot of time pulling boxes out of boxes at the end of her clip – you’ll have to check it out in-game to see the whole thing!

Got your eyes on any items in particular? Let us know what you think is the best of the new stuff in the comments!

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