Winter Wonderland Christmas Highlight Intros – Overwatch


The new Christmas-themed Highlight Intros that are now available in Overwatch.

The latest Winter Wonderland patch has introduced a delicious pile of presents to Overwatch, from Sprays to Skins and everything else inbetween.

Mixed up amongst all of these goodies is a further serving of Highlight Intros for Symmetra and Widowmaker.

In order to unlock these items, you’ll either need to level up and hope to get lucky with Loot Boxes, splash out on a load of boxes in the game shop, or just buy them with the currency you’ve no doubt been hoarding since Halloween.

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If you’re still waiting to get home and get a load of the tasty treats that have been left under the fireplace a little early, here’s a look at all the new Highlight Intros in GIF format.

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