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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bunny Day Event – How to find eggs and recipes


We hope you love eggs.

Bunny Day is Animal Crossing’s Easter event which swings around once a year. In this guide we’ll explain when it starts, how to access it, and what special egg rewards you’ll earn for getting involved.

Bunny Day is Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ special Easter-themed event, and you bet Zipper T. Bunny is back! Not only does it offer plenty of egg-themed goodness, you can find your own, and then go about crafting a unique selection of delectable easter furniture and threads.

Below we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about Bunny Day, and we’ll update this page as soon as the day arrives – keep this page bookmarked for the latest.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bunny Day – How to find all eggs and recipes

Let’s prop our easter eggs on table and crack them open with our heads, if you will.

When does Bunny Day release?

Bunny Day starts on Wednesday, April 1st and will end on Sunday, April 12th. If you’re curious as to the hours in which it’ll kick off, our ‘What time do days start?’ page has you covered.

How do I access Bunny Day?

To access Bunny Day your copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons needs to be updated to the latest version.

Here’s how to check if yours is up to date:

  • Make sure your Nintendo Switch is connected to the internet.
  • Go to your Switch home screen and hover over your game.
  • Press [Cross], followed by Software Update, then Via the internet.
  • Your Switch will then proceed to check if your game is up to date. If it is, great, if it isn’t you’ll be prompted to download and install the latest patch.

Once you’ve got the latest version, simply jump into your game and track down Zipper. He was in the main plaza area for us, but this doesn’t mean he will be for you. He has a habit of traipsing around the island, so go exploring if it looks like he hasn’t shown up.

What happens on Bunny Day?

On Bunny Day Zipper T. Bunny will visit your island and hide eggs all over it. If you can find and craft all of the Bunny Day DIY recipes using these eggs, you’ll receive a special reward. From here on out, you’ll want to track down these eggs via fishing, digging, and more, so you can craft unique easter themed furniture and clothing.

How do I find all the Bunny Day eggs?

If you love eggs, then this is the event for you – and we’re not kidding. You’ll naturally gather eggs during your usual resource gathering exploits. So expect to find eggs when you’re chopping at a tree, or fishing, or hitting rocks. Basically anything you’d normally do – you’ll find an egg.

There are a total of six types of egg. Here’s how to get them:

  • Earth: Use a Shovel to dig them up from the ground.
  • Leaf: Shake them out from trees.
  • Sky: Use a Slingshot to shoot them from the sky.
  • Stone: Use a Shovel to hit them from rocks.
  • Water: Use a Fishing Rod to reel them out of the water.
  • Wood: Use an Axe to chop them out of trees.

For tips on collecting more eggs, talk to your villagers. They’ll offer tidbits of advice, including the fact you’ll find plenty of Stone Eggs from rocks on Mystery Islands (reachable using your Nook Miles tickets).

How do I find Bunny Day recipes?

Bunny Day recipes can usually be found washed up on shore in striped message bottles or shot down from balloons, but they’ll also be handed out by Zipper and your villagers.

After collecting a certain number of each type of egg, your character will also begin coming up with their own recipe ideas, so it’s worth collecting as many as possible.

What are all the Bunny Day recipes?

Below we’ve listed all of the Bunny Day DIY items and their recipes.

Note that there are a tonne of Egg-themed outfits, as well as other Bunny Day cosmetic items. To complete Zipper’s challenge and receive the special reward, he tasks you with crafting all the furniture, so we’ve just listed the DIY recipes which should count towards completing Zipper’s challenge.

Bunny Day Bed

  • One Earth Egg
  • One Stone Egg
  • One Leaf Egg
  • One Wood Egg
  • One Sky Egg
  • One Water Egg

Bunny Day Wall Clock

  • Three Sky Eggs

Bunny Day Glowy Garland

  • One Earth Egg
  • One Stone Egg
  • One Leaf Egg
  • One Wood Egg
  • One Sky Egg
  • One Water Egg

Bunny Day Lamp

  • Four Wood Eggs

Bunny Day Stool

  • Three Water Eggs

Bunny Day Table

  • Four Stone Eggs

Bunny Day Vanity

  • Four Leaf Eggs

Bunny Day Wardrobe

  • Four Stone Eggs

When is the next event?

In it’s latest direct Nintendo also announced Earth Day was arriving soon after Bunny Day, so there’s that to look forward to. We’ve put together a Holidays and Special Events Calendar which’ll help you pinpoint when future events will arrive, so give that a look if you’re curious.

Speaking of unique events and visitors, make sure you have a glance at our Wisp or Daisy Mae pages. Also, you’ll definitely want to celebrate easter with some buddies, and our How to play with friends guide will help you get set up with Nintendo Online nicely.

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