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Apex Legends: How to download and install (PS4, Xbox, PC)


Everything you need to get started in Apex Legends

How to download and install Apex Legends on PS4, Xbox and PC, along with installation size details for the latter.

How do you get in on Apex Legends’ lightning fast, hero shootery goodness? Well, it’s pretty simple on consoles thankfully, and only a touch trickier on PC as you’ll need to head on over to EA’s Origin store.

Thankfully the game is coming to Steam this fall and it’s getting crossplay too, so playing with your mates will be even easier. Lovely stuff.

To help players on all platforms get started with Apex Legends, we’ve put together step by step guides for getting the game up and running on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. If there’s anything you’re having trouble with, just let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.

How to install Apex Legends on PC

The game is free to play on all platforms, meaning there’s no barrier to entry at all, but you are going to have to first of all grab EA’s Origin store client if you want to play on PC.

Here’s a step by step walkthrough for getting started:

  • 1. If you don’t already have the Origin client installed on your PC, head to the Origin download page, download it, and then following the installation instructions (
  • 2. Once you’ve installed Origin, launch it and then enter Apex Legends into the search box.
  • 3. When you’ve found the listing for the game, simply select it and you’ll be taken through to the game’s store page.
  • 4. From the store listing, simply choose the Download and Install option.

How to install Apex Legends on PlayStation 4

It’s pretty easy to get up and running on the console versions of Apex Legends, as you simply need to hunt down the title as you would any other game.

To make things crystal clear though, here’s what you need to do to download Apex Legends on PlayStation 4.

  • 1. Fire up your console, and then select PlayStation Store from the interface once you’re in.
  • 2. Go to the search bar, then use your controller to enter Apex Legends. It’s possible it’s being promoted as well right now, which will make it easier to find.
  • 3. Once you’ve located Apex Legends, you can select the option to download it and add to your library.
  • 4. To play Apex Lgends, just return to your main library and select the game from there. Easy peasy!

Essential Apex Legends Coverage

How to install Apex Legends on Xbox One

Things are pretty similar when it comes to installing Apex Legends on Microsoft’s console. Again though, here’s a complete guide to getting started – just keep in mind that you must have Xbox Live Gold if you want to play the game on this system:

  • 1. Turn on your Xbox One and then navigate to the Microsoft Store page.
  • 2. Search for Apex Legends in the store page. As with the PlayStation 4 method, it’s possible the game is being promoted on the storefront at the time of publishing this article too.
  • 3. Select Apex Legends from the listing, then download the game to your console.

There you go! That’s the end of our guide to installing Apex Legends on PC, Xbox One and PS4. There’s not a great deal more to the process than that, but do let us know if you’re having any problems in the comments.

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