Hyper Scape – Is there a beta on PS4 and Xbox One?


We've got some bad news…

Is the Hyper Space beta available to play on PS4 and Xbox One? Here’s the answer.

Long story short, no the Hyper Space beta isn’t available to play on PS4 and Xbox One. However, don’t fret too much if you’re on console. It’s still planned to release on these platforms at some point in the future.

Below we’ve rounded up everything you need to know.

Is there a Hyper Scape beta on PS4 and Xbox One?

Unfortunately there isn’t a beta on PS4 and Xbox One. The beta is only available on PC and keys are dropping right now.

The game is absolutely arriving on PS4 and Xbox One upon release, but we’re currently unaware as to when Ubisoft plans on officially launching the game.

If you’re curious as to whether your PC can run it, we’ve also put together a page which lists the minimum and recommended specs.

Watch the gameplay video above if you’re after footage of how Hyper Scape compares to other battle royales.

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