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Call of Duty Blackout – Release date and times: US, UK and Europe


When Black Ops 4's Battle Royale game mode is going live wherever you live in the world.

The next round of the Battle Royale wars is very nearly upon is with the imminent launch of Call of Duty Blackout, part of COD: Black Ops 4.

If you’re a fan of PUBG but can’t handle the jankiness, and Fortnite’s building systems leaves you feeling cold, we think this is going to be the Battle Royale game for you.

You can expect the usual slick COD gunplay powered by Treyarch’s famously smooth-running engine in one of the most satisfying games in the genre we’ve played this year.

When does Blackout launch though? In this article, we’ve put together a handy chart highlighting when the mode is scheduled to go live, wherever you happen to live in the world. All times are given in their respective local times

Location Launch date Launch time
Los Angeles 11th October 9:00pm
New York 12th October 12:00am
Sao Paulo 12th October 1:00am
UK 12th October 5:00am
Stockholm 12th October 6:00am
Berlin 12th October 6:00am
Moscow 12th October 7:00am
Singapore 12th October 12:00pm
Seoul 12th October 1:00pm
Sydney 12th October 3:00pm

If you’ve somehow managed to miss all of the hype leading up to today’s launch of Blackout – and Black Ops 4 – here’s a little bit of reading material which you might find useful for brushing up on.

  • First up, we’ve got a comprehensive guide which covers everything you need to know about the game. From here you’ll also be able to access every last bit of guides content we’ve been busy creating based on the beta – COD: Blackout – Guide
  • We’ve also put together a massive tips guide which contains crucial beginner advice for dealing with every aspect of the Blackout mode – COD: Blackout – Tips
  • It would hardly be a COD game – let alone a Battle Royale mode – with a generous selection of weapons. Our Guns List highlights all of the offensive weaponry you may find lying around on the map – COD: Blackout – Guns List
  • Choosing a solid landing spot allows you to maximise loot gains while minimsing the risk of getting taken out embarrassingly early on. We’ve put together a guide to the best starting points in Blackout to help you get off to a good start – COD: Blackout – Best Landing and Loot Spots
  • Blackout’s map is impressively large and contains plenty of references to COD games from years gone by. We’ve put together an article that explains what to expect from every one of these locations, and there’ll be more updates to come after launch too – COD: Blackout – Map Guide

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