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Call of Duty: Warzone – Best Guns


All the guns you should prioritise when looting.

What gun is best in Warzone? There are plenty of great options for your loadouts, and in this guide we’ve broken down all the best options.

For help on the best full classes to kit yourself up with, check out our Best Warzone Loadouts guide page.

Best Guns in Call of Duty: Warzone

There’s a wide array of guns available to use in Warzone, but which one takes the crown? Well, below we’ve highlighted a number of weapons which will help increase your kill count and hopefully secure you some more Ws.

One last thing before we dive in. We’ve not included every gun in the game as there are plenty which aren’t worth mentioning for Warzone. However, if they suddenly get a buff or find their way into the meta we’ll absolutely chuck them in. So keep an eye on this page for all the latest updates!


Tier 1 Guns

MP7: One of our favourites and that’s thanks to its fantastic accuracy at short to mid range, high fire rate, and easy handling. While it doesn’t shred as much as the MP5 up close, it’s a better all-rounder which’ll serve you well in all manner of situations.

MP5: The MP5 isn’t quite as versatile as the MP7, but this thing is the king of short range fights. It absolutely shreds if you’re breaching buildings or getting up in enemies’ faces, and has the fastest time to kill in this regard. Again, spec this thing out with a few choice attachments and you’ll be able to down multiple opponents easily.

FAL: The FAL is pretty trash in normal multiplayer modes. What’s it doing all the way up here then? Well, Warzone has a pretty interesting and unique meta when it comes to damage-dealing, and the FAL’s strength is really boosted when Warzone’s new health totals come into play. The FAL deals huge chunks of damage with every shot, ruining your opponent’s armour extremely swiftly and putting them on the back foot. This is doubly true if you’re hitting those sweet headshots too.

Bruen MK9: It’s worth enduring the horrendous unlock experience to get your hands on this absolute monster. Many consider it to be the perfect Grau replacement since the mid season nerf, and if anything, it outperforms basically every Assault Rifle in the game. Spec this gun out right alongside the 60 round mags, and you’ll have a laser beam which can down enemies in next to no time.

Grau: Despite a slight nerf midway through Season 4, the Grau remains a very strong choice. We’ve all been downed by one, so you know how this thing works. It’s the quintessential Assault Rifle. Great at mid to long range, easy to handle, and has the perfect attachments for Warzone. Expect this gun to stick around for the foreseeable future.

M4A1: No surprises here. The M4A1 is a known quantity – solid damage and extremely easy-to-manage recoil, along with large magazine sizes and a decent bit of range. You’re in safe hands with this weapon, and should be able to hold your own in most situations.

HDR: Big and beefy, the HDR beats the AX50 thanks to its lack of bullet drop. Sure, it has a little, but you really don’t have to lead your shots much to land those crisp headshots. Hit an enemy’s skull and they’ll go down instantly too. Plus, if you spec this thing out correctly it has a very similar ADS speed to the AX50 – very nice indeed.

More of the best guns and loadouts:

Tier 2 Guns

AN-94: Tap the trigger on this Assault Rifle and you’ll fire off two incredibly fast shots. Hold it down and the gun will regain a regular firing cadence. This mechanic makes the gun one of the most unique of the lot, and it’s got the damage and accuracy to back it up too. Stick the right attachments on this thing and you’ve got yourself a gun with a high time to kill, just watch the initial kick.

Kar98k: A buff to the Kar’s ADS speed has seen it rise in popularity. Stick a sniper scope on this thing and you’ll have yourself a fast-firing midrange killer- if you can land your shots. Hit headshots and you can down players instantly too, but as you move further and further into long range territory it begins to struggle. Pick your fights carefully, take potshots, and you can have a lot of fun with this thing.

Kilo 141: Very, very similar to the Grau is the Kilo. It’s a no-frills, ‘get the job done’ Assault Rifle which does it all well. There’s not a lot of character here, but what you do get is a gun which won’t let you down. It has a steady fire rate, minimal recoil, and a mixture of attachments which are perfect for Warzone.

CR-56 AMAX: The AMAX packs a punch at short to mid range and if you can control the recoil it’s got a fantastic time to kill. It’s iron sights are also pretty forgiving too, which frees up an extra attachment slot. We’ve found it becomes a bit tricky to use at long range, so pair it up with a Sniper for a strong loadout.

M13: When you’ve popped long range attachments on this gun with the 60 round mags, the M13 transforms into a mid to long range laser. We reckon it’s on par with the Bruen in this regard but doesn’t quite have the damage to make it top tier. One department it does shine, however, is headshot damage. It has one of the highest headshot damage stats in the game, so mix one in with your shots, and you can down enemies very quickly. It does struggle at short range, so we’d recommend pairing it with an SMG.

AUG: Gaining a bit of traction over the last month or so, the AUG excels at short to mid range and feels the most like an Assault Rifle out of all the SMGs. The SOCOM 30 rounds are the key here, giving this weapon some impressive time to kill stats. Just be a bit wary of the slower ADS speed and fairly high recoil. Learn to control these and you’ve got a highly capable shooter here.

Uzi: We’re big fans of the Uzi here at geeksplatform as it occupies a bit of a niche. It’s not a short range hipfire machine like the MP5, but a surprisingly effective mid range damage dealer. The Uzi’s one of few SMGs with attachments that bump up damage range and accuracy significantly, making it a worthy companion to a Sniper.

AX50: The AX50’s in a weird spot at the moment. It’s got a great ADS time, good damage numbers, and is pretty forgiving, but, and it’s a big but, the Kar98k and the HDR beat it both at mid and long range respectively. Not to say it’s terrible, far from it, but you’re better off with the other two options for now.

PKM: The PKM comes back to the front-line of weapons to choose in Warzone, mirroring the success it sees in Modern Warfare’s Ground War mode. You can get up to 200 ammo in a magazine, and the weapon’s damage profile remains on point for long-range engagements. Essentially, the PKM is the quintessential weapon of choice for those of you after a bit of a hardcore, long-ranged LMG. The only issue in Warzone is its mobility – you’ll move pretty damn slow and switching weapons takes a while, but if you’re surveying and keeping track of a space on the map, the PKM does the job perfectly.

Tier 3 Guns

AK47: The AK’s in a tough spot for Warzone as you either accept its heavy recoil kick, or you try and eliminate it. Go for the former and you’re only going to be effective at short range, or opt for the latter and you’ll have an absolutely diabolical ADS speed. One thing it does have going for it, is its big damage potential. Hit your shots and you’ll drop enemies in seconds.

Bizon: The epitome of an average SMG, the Bizon doesn’t excel at short range but isn’t terrible either. It really is, just alright. Perhaps its biggest asset is the amount of ammo this thing can carry. You really won’t have to worry about reloading when fighting multiple enemies which is a huge plus in Warzone!

ISO: The ISO lacks the punch of the MP5 at close range, but it’s certainly a mid range contender. Kit this out with a sizable mag, long barrel, and the like, to turn this into a pseudo-Striker. It’s worth equipping as a secondary to a sniper, but you’ll often have better options honestly.

Oden: We’re actually big fans of the Oden, but we can’t warrant putting it higher on this list as it’s simply too demanding a weapon. Its magazine size is super small, it has a low fire rate, high recoil, and a slow ADS speed if you want to spec it for Warzone. Treat this thing more like a marksman rifle, or even a sniper rifle, and you can absolutely shred enemies, though. You have to play around the weapon, so take fights at long range and definitely have an SMG to hand if you plan on pushing.

P90: The P90 isn’t amazing in normal Modern Warfare multiplayer modes. It holds its own a bit better here though – you’ll pick it up with 60 bullets in the chamber and a super-fast rate of fire. Indoors, you’ll be vapourising your poor foes, but be warned – this weapon loses power fast at range.

RAM7: A bit of an outlier is the old RAM. It’s great at short to mid range engagements with a really quick time to kill if you land all your shots. We’ve found it’s severely let down by its long range accuracy, which is largely thanks to its unforgiving recoil pattern. You can cut down on this sway with the right attachments, though, if you really want to make it work. We just feel like there are better all-rounders out there right now.

Fennec: With the fastest fire rate in the game, this thing spews its mag out in mere seconds. This means you can take out an enemy lightning fast, but it has major drawbacks. You need to land all of your shots, as if you miss even for a second, well, you’ll be reloading. Even with the extended mags, it still isn’t enough to take on multiple threats or at least compensate for a few missed shots. All in all, it’s practically unbeatable in a close range 1 vs 1, but falls off significantly if you aren’t up close and personal.

More of the best guns and loadouts:

That’s all for our Warzone guns tier list! We’ll be keeping this updated as the game updates, which we assume will be pretty regular. While you’re here, go check out our other Warzone guides too, including our best loadouts guide and our tips on using crossplay with friends.

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