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How to unlock the Dual Kodachi swords in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare


Bring the ruckus.

The Dual Kodachis are up there with the coolest melee weapons in Modern Warfare and Warzone, but it’ll take a bit of dedication to unlock.

Want to get these double-swords in Call of Duty? Read on.

How to unlock the Dual Kodachi swords in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare

The Dual Kodachis are a unique melee weapon in Warzone and Modern Warfare. Damage-wise, they’re the same as the Combat Knife, but you’ll be able to deal that damage over a longer range than the knife. However, there’s a downside – the Dual Kodachis make your character move a lot slower than the knife and Kali Sticks – even slower than when you’re carrying a submachine gun.

You can check out a great breakdown of the weapon from Xclusive Ace below.

How do you unlock them though? It’s simple, but a bit of a pain.

You have to get 3 kills from behind with the knife in 15 different matches. 3 doesn’t sound like a lot, but under normal circumstances it can become an absolute ordeal. Here’s some advice to make things a tad easier:

  • Play Shipment. Seriously, if Shipment 24/7, Shoot the Ship, or Dirty Old House Boat are available on the playlist, it’ll become so much easier to get the 3 kills a game.
  • Create a class just for this unlock. We recommend whacking a Riot Shield on your back for protection, as well as using Double Time and Tune Up to maximise movement speed.
  • Ensure you’re using Dead Silence. Not only will you be able to catch up with enemies from behind with your faster movement speed, Dead Silence will also make it less likely your enemies hear you and turn around while you’re trying to shank them.

That’s all you need to grind out the Dual Kodachis in Warzone and Modern Warfare! Obviously it’s easier if you can play Multiplayer, so wait for a Multiplayer Weekend or you’ll be putting yourself at a severe disadvantage by trying to get these ultra-specific kills in Warzone. Once you’re done, check out our Best Guns tier list for more advice on what weapons you should pair with the Kodachis, as well as our tips on all the fancy new stuff in Warzone’s Stadium location.

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