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Competitive 6 vs 6 Elimination guide – Overwatch


Tips and tricks to help you emerge victorious in this new competitive mode.

Our Competitive 6 vs 6 Elimination guide for Overwatch contains everything you need to know about the mode, as well as tips and tricks to help you come out on top.

Announced as somewhat of a surprise by Overwatch developer Scott Mercer on the game’s forums, Elimination has officially gone live as a competitive game mode. It’s essentially the same 6 vs 6 Lockout Elimination of old, but with a competitive ranking system instead. This means you’ll take part in placement matches that’ll determine your, well…ranking.

The only objective in Elimination is to take out opposing members of the enemy team. It’s an arena style format, where each team gets to pick their heroes before hopping into rounds of combat. When one team wins a round, the heroes they’d selected cannot be chosen again for the duration of the match.

As it’s a mode that many may not be familiar with, we’ve put together a complete guide on how it works alongside a few tips and tricks to help you emerge victorious.

Competitive 6 vs 6 Elimination Overview

Here’s a complete breakdown of this new competitive mode.

First things first, the Competitive 6 vs 6 season begins April 17th 2018 and ends May 8th 2018.

  • You’ll find this mode in the Arcade.
  • Two teams of 6 players.
  • All heroes are available.
  • First team to 3 points wins.
  • Heroes played during a round win will be locked for all remaining rounds.
  • Heroes played during a round loss will still remain playable.
  • All previous Elimination maps will be available, as well as Ayutthaya.

Competitive 6 vs 6 Elimination Tips and Tricks

Below we’ve put together some general tips and tricks to get you up to speed with this new game mode. Don’t forget to let us know if you’ve got any strategies of your own in the comments section!

  • It goes without saying that you should always have a healer or support on your team as there aren’t any healing packs to fall back on when you’re low on health.
  • While you shouldn’t make it your primary objective, protecting your healer or support is pretty important too. Take care of the hero whos topping up your health bars and it’ll help keep your team in tip-top shape.
  • Team composition matters. Consider which heroes compliment each other and look to utilise their strengths during each round.
  • Make sure you’re aware of which heroes might be taken out of each round. Keep an even spread of heroes available so you can remain versatile in later rounds.
  • If you notice that the enemy can no longer play a certain hero, it may open up an opportunity to play a hero you otherwise would’ve thought against picking. Look to expose weaknesses!
  • It may be tempting to run into the middle of the map as soon as you’ve spawned, but try and make the most of flanking routes and other areas of the arena to get the drop on your opponents.

For even more detailed advice and strong hero combos, check out our Lockout Elimination guide!

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