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Destiny 2: Campaign will be more substantial in length


Plenty to get stuck into on release.

Bungie has revealed that Destiny 2 will feature over 80 missions and PVE activities, each offering their own unique challenges and rewards.

According to the latest issue of Edge magazine (via Reddit), Destiny 2’s story content will be far more substantial than the original with a far lengthier campaign. Optional content such as Strikes, Adventures, Flashpoints and World Quests also serve to better flesh out the campaign experience.

At one point in Destiny 2’s development, Bungie realised that it had actually created too much story content, as testers were taking roughly 55 hours to complete the campaign and still had a slew of optional content to get through. Bungie has since tweaked the game to make it more of a ‘drip feed’ experience, with content being fed in gradually to emphasise player progression.

Another piece of information highlighted by Edge includes the introduction of time limits to Nightfall Strikes. These time constraints vary depending on Strike, with one example being 30 minutes. Planning an effective strategy before taking on these high level challenges will be crucial to completion.

Three final details have also been revealed to Edge team, and it looks as if the Hunter class is receiving a big adjustment, although no more information has been released on the matter. Whatever it is though, it left the reviewers satisfied with how the class is shaping up.

It turns out that the console beta didn’t contain the final implementation of how Energy weapons would work against AI opponents with elemental shields. In the final version of Destiny 2, when these shields are depleted, they explode and nuke any enemies that happen to be nearby.

Supers and grenades will also recharge faster than the beta, and we’ll be encouraged to charge them faster through aggressive play. The example given was a Warlock Exotic chest piece that allows you to hover in the air for an extended period of time, with any kills while airborne rapidly recharging your grenade’s meter.

All in all, these details are making us even more excited for Destiny 2’s release as it sounds like no matter what we choose to get stuck into, it’s going to be a real investment with considerable content and rewards. It also shows that Bungie is constantly listening to community feedback and in doing so, making sure that the final product offers the best gameplay experience possible.

Destiny 2’s PC beta begins on 28th August for those who pre-ordered the game and the 29th of August for everyone else. It ends in all cases on the 31st of August 2017, which is around a couple of months before the PC launch on 24th October.

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