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Destiny 2: Clash guide


All the tips you need to crush the opposition.

Our Destiny 2: Clash guide contains strategy advice, tips, tricks and tactics to help you give you the advantage on the battlefield.

While slaying baddies in the Campaign is a blast, sometimes it’s good to throw yourself into the arena and participate in some – not quite so – friendly competition. Destiny 2’s Crucible is the perfect place for slugging it out against other Guardians, for those who want to see who’s really the best shot in town.

When it comes to PVP combat, Clash brings it right back to basics and it’s a mode that really couldn’t be simpler. It’s essentially Destiny 2’s classic team deathmatch mode, where both teams are vying to gain more kills than the other. Simple but very, very satisfying stuff.

We’ve put together a number of other guides which will get you up to speed with other aspects of Destiny 2’s PVP component. Our core Crucible PVP guide is your best starting point, although we’ve also included other map and mode guides further down the page, in case you want to dip into something very specific!

Editor’s UPDATE #1: We’ve added in a brand new section entitled “Embrace the teamshot” towards the top of this guide which provides our top tip for Clash and PVP in general. We’ll continue updating this page as we continue to get more hands on time with the game so keep this article bookmarked for more!

How does Clash work?

Here’s a very basic outline of how the format works:

  • It features two teams of four players.
  • Matches last eight minutes in total.
  • You score points for your team by eliminating enemy Guardians.
  • Each kill contributes one point to your team’s tally.
  • The first team to score 75 kills – or the team with the highest score when the time limit expires – wins.


Power Ammo

As Clash is centered around getting kills for your team, it’s vital that you gain any advantage that you can over your opponents. Knowing where Power Ammo is located – as well as their spawn times – is one of the most important aspects to gaining, and then maintaining a point lead.

In Clash, there are three Power Ammo spawn points: one of them is located in a neutral zone, while the others can be found on each side of the map.

  • The neutral crate is available 20 seconds into the match. It does not respawn once collected, and so will likely be fiercely competed for!
  • The other two crates appear on the map after 90 seconds have elapsed. Once either of them have been collected, it takes 90 seconds for them to respawn.

Destiny 2: PVP Mode guides

Embrace the teamshot

If you’re someone who struggles a little with PVP in Destiny 2, we’ve got one tidbit of advice that’ll elevate your game. It’s actually pretty simple and only involves buddying up with an ally – even if they’re a randomer.

Joining a Clash game with your mate and sticking together is your number one option for drastically improving the impact you’ll have on the match. If your friend isn’t online or you’re just going it solo, make sure you follow a teammate around and help them out whenever they’re in a firefight.

We’re emphasising this tactic heavily because it works an absolute treat. In Destiny 2, “teamshotting” is considered king. This means that groups of players will always come out on top against a Guardian who wants to go lone wolf.

The act of banding together with one other player at all times means that you’re never going to be caught alone and increases your chances of survival tremendously. You’ll also learn how to be patient, when to cover your teammates and perhaps pick up a thing or two from a particularly handy randomer.

Tips and Tricks

  • Make sure you’re racing for that Power Ammo the moment the match starts. You certainly don’t want the enemy to get their mitts on it, so ensure that you’re contesting something that’ll give an instant advantage.
  • We recommend making sure that you’re always contesting the Power Ammo whenever it shows up on the map. Trust us, you don’t want to give the enemy a free pass that could potentially give them a few easy points.
  • If you’ve noticed an enemy quickly slide in and take the Power Ammo, focus your sights on taking him down above all else – even if there’s a bunch of other enemies nearby. Even if you’re eliminated in the process, you may have saved your team from a nasty point deficit.
  • Try your best to keep a mental timer running on those Power Ammo spawns. If you or an enemy picks it up, remember to count down from 90. You don’t have to be spot on, but having an idea of when it’s collectible – and communicating that fact – is very handy.
  • When the game starts, it may not be worth rushing straight to the Neutral Power Ammo that doesn’t spawn again. Sometimes it’s best to run off, flank the enemy and completely take them by surprise. This way, you’ve taken the advantage early without putting yourselves at risk.
  • Don’t hesitate to back off and reset mentally if you’re constantly dying – you don’t want to feed your opponents an easy string of kills.
  • Even though Clash revolves around eliminating the enemy, staying alive is the real key to victory. As long as you’re not giving away any free points to the opposing side, you’re already making their chances of victory that much harder.
  • It’s always better to buddy up with a team member as it increases your chances of getting kills, protecting each other and even “trading” kills. By “trading” we mean killing a member of the opposing team almost immediately after they’ve – unfortunately – managed to take out your buddy and so instantly closing up that enemy point advantage.

At this point in time, that’s all we have for now. We’ll expand on this guide dramatically as we dive some more into Destiny 2’s PVP. Stay tuned for more!

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