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Destiny 2: Combustion walkthrough guide – How to kill the Leech Servitor


Our complete walkthrough for completing Destiny 2's Combustion mission.

Our Destiny 2: Combustion walkthrough will help you beat the Leech Servitor, having cleared the Mine Entrance, Outer Depot, Inner Yard and Sinkhole sections.

Combustion is the name of the next mission that you need to beat in Destiny 2’s single-player campaign, and it’s set in the Salt Mines region of the European Dead Zone.

It’s recommended that you don’t start this mission until you’re at least Level 3 (which you should be naturally at this point), and when you have a minimum Power level of 30. Again, this should not prove a huge problem at this stage of your Guardian’s career!

When you’re done with this mission, don’t forget to take a look at our complete Destiny 2 Campaign walkthrough hub. Alternatively, we’ve included links to individual missions towards the bottom of this page. You can use these to navigate back and forth through all of our single-player guides.

Editor’s UPDATE #1 We’ve added a video walkthrough to this guide which you can find right at the bottom of the page. We’ll continue to update this article over time so keep this page bookmarked for more!

(If you want to be the best at every area of the game, don’t forget to bookmark our PVP, Strike and Subclass guide pages – they’ve got everything you need if you want to get more out of Destiny 2, and will be continuously updated in the weeks ahead.)

Clear the Mine Entrance and Salzwek Mine Outer Depot

Your next mission begins at the Trostland church, where you’ll find a load of Fallen enemies lurking around the entrance point.

Pick off the Dregs, take down the Captain’s shield – then the Captain himself before he charges it back up – then kill the Vandals and Dregs that are over towards the right of the actual entrance point. It’s quite tight fighting in here, so don’t be shy about dishing out plenty of melee attacks alongside your weapon fire.

Keep heading into the mine, then listen for a new objective which will have you clearing out the section between the entrance and the lift shaft. Be ready to kill the Wretch that slams down on your head from the rafters though, before you make your way inside.

You’ve got two options at this point. You can head left and go up the mangled metal stairway, which will eventually provide you with a nice spot if you’re into long-range damage. Alternatively, if you’re feeling a little more confident / aggressive, you can just push straight on through the main section at ground level.

Even if you fancy the latter option, don’t just go charging in there unless you want to get absolutely destroyed. Instead, pick off the Dregs using as much range as you can, finish them off up-close, and then go forwards and take out the Vandal taking sniper shots at you.

Keep clearing the path ahead and pushing forwards, and do keep an eye out for the explosive red barrels (someone should really paint these a different colour…). Get the timing right with the enemy positioning and you can do some serious damage to the mobs, but don’t get caught up in the blast yourself. Be aware as well that shooting these things can gain extra unwarranted attention that you might not have invited upon yourself otherwise.

When you reach the lift you’ll realise it’s completely busted, so open up the tunnel grate and begin making your way deeper into the mine that way.

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Explore the Inner Yard and Sinkhole

Keep making your way through the tunnel and after a while you’ll emerge into a bigger open space. Here you’ll quickly spy a load of Dregs up ahead, as well as another Captain.

There’s a barrel nearby that you can shoot to get things off to an explosive start, but make sure you capitalise on this element of surprise and finish every enemy off nice and quickly before focusing on the Captain himself.

Alternatively you can take a more cautious approach, and just draw these mobs out in ones and twos as you creep along the left-hand side of the area. That’ll leave the Captain for last, but do be aware that you’ll be jumped by a pair of Wretches pretty quickly after taking this target out.


Once into the next area, leap over the gap ahead until you reach a terminal which you can scan to gain some extra intel. Now jump down and keep travelling along the tunnel, crouching when you have to, and push through into the next area.

Approach the huge hole and look down so you can take out the small pack of Shanks below. Although not exactly deadly by themselves, it’s handy to be able to pick off any trash you can, whenever you can. Do this quickly so you don’t end up coming under heavy fire from the more problematic enemies lurking around down there though.

Once the Shanks are down, you can use long-range scoped shots or grenades to deal with these other pests, but just be ready to duck in and out of sight. If you’d rather throw caution to the wind, leap down and go toe to toe with these enemies, then by all means do so – just expect a tougher time of things.

However you choose to deal with the threat, jump down and keep going forwards until you reach a new tunnel guarded by a pack of Shanks. Once you’ve killed them, kill the various Fallen at the other end, then walk through the door when you’re done picking them all off.

The next section of the tunnel in front of you is packed with laser traps. You can shoot each one, but always do so from range as the explosion from taking them out can really hurt your health bar. Note that you also have to shoot the emitting point, so try the other end of the beam if you can’t seem to take one out!

The next section is packed full of tense firefighting, so make sure you’re alert as you make your way through the water and then towards the lift. When you call the lift, the main fight begins. For that reason, take a moment to just familiarise yourself with your surroundings, particularly the locations of those handy explosive barrels.

The most annoying characters here are the Servitors, as they provide immunity for the other enemies nearby. Any chance you have to focus fire on these creatures is an opportunity well taken. Only once these monsters are dead should you start focusing on the rest of the pack.

There’s one thing you have to keep in mind, however. When you kill the final Servitor the boss will spawn, so make this creature the very last thing you obliterate.

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Tips and tactics for killing the Leech Servitor

The end boss of this mission is called the Leech Servitor and it’s a particularly tough version of the similarly-named creatures that you encountered a little earlier on. It’s not a tremendously difficult fight by any means, but you will need to stay alert throughout.

Focus on dishing out damage into its eye as before, and take out any Shanks that get a little too close for comfort. It’s important that you focus as much fire as possible on the boss though as its got a lot of health – the longer the fight wears on, the more Shanks you’ll ultimately have to contend with.

This is a test of patience and consistency, but once you beat the boss you’ll be able to head to the lift and finally make use of it. You don’t have to kill the various Fallen that appear as you travel up in the lift, but you should absolutely take out any Shanks that show up as these hover around and take pot-shots at you – annoying.

Once you reach the top, you’ll be able to follow the path and then complete your meet-up with Hawthorne.

Ready for the next mission? Use the links just above this section to tackle the next stage of Destiny 2’s single-player campaign.

Video Walkthrough

To help you out even more we’ve linked a complete video walkthrough of the mission just below.

If you found the video helpful, do make sure to give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing to their channel for more insightful Destiny 2 content.

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