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Destiny 2: Cliffhanger walkthrough guide (Adventure)


Here's how to complete this mission on Io.

Our Destiny 2: Cliffhanger walkthrough guide explains how to eliminate the Vex, connect to the Vex Collective, Defend the Collective and Eliminate Tekton, the Constructive Mind.

The Vex aren’t entirely constructed as machines, they’ve got some organic matter coursing around their tubing too. They multiply by converting other species, and Asher has some information about the Vex’s next conversion site. Naturally, we’re to go over there and put an end to their villainous deeds.

This is a pretty varied Adventure that’ll see you fighting off some tough Vex enemies and even plugging into the Vex’s collective mind in an attempt to deploy a virus.

Below we’ve put together a guide that’ll take you through the entire mission and explain how to complete all of its objectives.

(If you want to be the best at every area of the game, don’t forget to bookmark our PVP, Campaign walkthrough and Subclass guide pages – they’ve got everything you need if you want to get more out of Destiny 2, and will be continuously updated in the weeks ahead.)

Investigate the energy anomaly and eliminate the Vex

When you start off, hop up the cliff edge you’re next to and proceed towards the map marker. This will lead you into a rocky tunnel and if you follow it all the way, you’ll end up in the Spine Burrows.

Once the “Spine Burrows” has flashed up on your HUD, look to your right and jump across to the ledge on the other side. Again, continue through for a short while and you’ll see a few Vex enemies near the energy anomaly.

Begin destroying these enemies until they start phasing out and prepare yourself for a fight. A large Vex Hydra called Tekton will appear once they’ve all vanished. As soon as it spawns in, begin targeting its eye and ensure that you’re chipping away at its health bar from the get go.

When you’ve done enough damage, more Vex enemies will start spawning in. It’s at this point you’ll want to reposition and begin taking them out – don’t worry about Tekton, you’ll face off against him later.

Hunt Tekton, connect to the Vex Collective and Eliminate the Gatekeeper

Follow the map marker out of the cavern and towards a cliff edge that overlooks a wonderful view of Io. Move closer to the edge and some booster pads will spawn below, so boost yourself to the first platform.

From here, you’ll need to jump to each platform until you reach the final one. Wait out the dialogue and stand in the enormous plate for a little while until Vex start phasing in.

Now you’ll need to defend the connection from the Vex who are closing in from all sides. Although it may seem a little overwhelming at first, it’s surprisingly simple. Just sit in the center or position yourself on one of the stone blocks and shoot any of them that draw near. Just be aware that it’s best to save your Super for the final phase, so use your Grenades or Power Weapons if you’re struggling to clear the mobs.

Once the percentage marker closes in on 100%, a tougher Vex enemy called the Gatekeeper will spawn in. Now’s the time to pop your Super and wipe it out, along with all the rest!

Stick around until you’re prompted to move on to the next objective.

Hunt Tekton and Eliminate Tekon, the Constructive Mind

Follow the map marker for a couple of seconds and you’ll come to a circular arena which will prompt Tekon to spawn in.

Tekton’s got a tonne of health and his weapon’s blasts are pretty damaging so use the large pillar in the center of the arena as your main source of cover. Constantly dip in and out and you’ll whittle down its health bar. To make this process a little quicker, a ranged Power Weapon works a treat here. Anything from a Rocket Launcher to Linear Fusion Rifle will do the job.

As time goes by, Vex enemies will begin harassing you in the arena itself, so take the time to back away and deal with these threats.

Stick to the routine of popping your head from behind cover and hitting Tekton where it hurts. Eventually it’ll go down and you’ll be prompted to enter another jump pad. Head through it and the Adventure is complete!

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