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Destiny 2: Pleasure Gardens Challenge guide: Tips, strategy advice and rewards


Deal with the dogs in no time.

Our Destiny 2 Pleasure Gardens Challenge guide contains a walkthrough for the encounter, with tips, tricks and strategy advice to ensure that you bag your extra rewards.

The Leviathan Raid’s third challenge has gone live this week, and this time it’s going to make the Pleasure Gardens a little bit tougher to complete.

In comparison to the Leviathan Raid’s two previous challenges, the Pleasure Gardens Challenge is pretty simple and doesn’t require a complete strategy rethink. Mechanically, it all works the same, however prism holders cannot shoot more than one flower. If they do so, then the challenge will fail.

To complete this challenge you’ve got a couple of options available to you. The first involves successfully shooting two flowers in one phase, which is the maximum in this case. Your teammates will then receive a x24 bonus which will be enough to clear all the War Beasts in one go.

If you want to give this first method a try, you’ll want to assign one person to each beast and equip weapons and grenades which deal huge burst damage or damage over time – Pulse Grenades, rocket launchers and shotguns for example.

The other method requires more time but should guarantee that you’ll clear the beasts quickly when the time arises. For this second method, you’ll rotate prism carriers whenever you retreat back to the safe room. This enables you to build up a maximum of 2 buffs per round until you’re able to demolish the beasts after a couple of runs.

For a nice video summary and to see the challenge in action, Arekkz has done a great job explaining what needs to done.

If you found this video helpful, do make sure to give it a thumbs-up and consider subscribing to the channel as well. Arekkz produces some of the best Destiny 2 content around when it comes to news and features.


What about the rewards for completing the Gauntlet Challenge Mode this week? Well, if you manage to clear this encounter by following all the right steps, you’ll receive a unique emblem which shows off your Raiding prowess.

As well a purely cosmetic reward, you’ll also bag a guaranteed raid drop from the encounter – nice.

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