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Destiny 2: Control guide


Everything you need to know about the revamped PvP mode returning in Destiny 2.

Our Destiny 2: Control guide contains strategy advice, tips, tricks and tactics to help give you the edge over your opponents.

If you’re after some PvP action, Destiny 2’s Crucible mode will be there to satisfy that competitive craving. While the first game pitted two teams of six against one another, the sequel only allows four members per team. This places a greater emphasis on teamplay, and tighter, more exciting shootouts.

Destiny 2’s bringing back a fan favourite in the Control game mode, and it’s been revamped this time around, making it a more frenetic, yet focused multiplayer experience. The aim of the game is to capture and hold three objectives on the map, with the amount of points you earn for eliminating enemies increasing with the number of objectives held.

To start things off, we’ve put together a brief rundown of everything you need to know about Control. When you’re done soaking it all up, make sure you check out our Endless Vale guide as well as our Midtown guide for more PvP tips. Oh, and don’t forget to take a look at our massive Destiny 2 guide which contains absolutely everything we know about the sequel so far!

Editor’s UPDATE #2:Now that we’ve spent an extensive amount of time in Destiny 2’s Control mode since the game’s launch, we’ve added in a brand new section towards the top of the article entitled “Go with your team” which illustrates the most important factor to success in Control and Destiny 2 PVP in general. We’ll continue updating this article with more tips as they come our way – stay tuned!

Destiny 2: PVP Mode guides

Go with your team

Now that we’ve spent a great deal of time in Destiny 2’s Crucible since the game’s launch, we can safely say that one tactic works an absolute charm. There are no prizes for guessing that’s it’s simply sticking together as a team and charging around the map as a unit. Funny thing is, it doesn’t have to be particularly coordinated!

Even if you’re by your lonesome, it’s always worth banding together with a teammate or two when attempting to take an objective. Look at the mini-map, see where the white dots are heading and follow them. This means that when you’re butting heads against the enemy and trying to wrest control from them, you’ve got options available – as opposed to running in alone and dying.

Playing with your team ensures that you’re getting stuck into a fight where you can decide on the fly what the best port of call is. Is the enemy distracted? Is there an open flanking route? Time to get sneak round and drop them. Immediately there’s a chance of real success. Compare this to an attempted stealth flank on your own. The enemy would see you on the radar and flick you away the moment you turned the corner. With allies though, it’s almost always a different story.


  • It’s worth splitting up rather than staying clumped together, especially as multiple players don’t capture points any faster than one. Dominate the map and you’ll start racking up more points per kill.
  • Since you’ll be in a team of four, it’s definitely crucial to buddy up with someone. This way you’ll have someone watching your back when going contesting objectives.
  • When you or a teammate is capturing an objective, try to cover them – avoid getting complacent and simply watching.
  • If you manage to pick off an enemy, make sure you capitalise on those few seconds it takes for them to respawn. Contest the objective while you’ve got the brief numbers advantage!
  • Try to avoid using your Super Ability on a whim, it’s power to one hit kill enemies could be the deciding factor in the outcome of a match – even if victory seems out of reach. Activate it when you’re ahead to ensure a win, or when you’re behind to wrest control back from the enemy.
  • Don’t simply rush onto the objective without assessing its surroundings first. We’re guilty of sprinting to capture a point and thinking we were in the all clear, before getting shot from all angles. It’s a far better idea to get a feel for the area you’re about to attack.
  • If you’re unsure as to who’s lurking around an objective, we like to ‘tickle’ the point briefly for a couple of seconds. Doing this will draw enemies out of their hiding spots and as they start sniffing around for you, they’ll be easy pickings.
  • Approach the objective by flanking, rather than going straight for the largest, most obvious entrance – be creative!
  • While going for that Power Play is certainly something to strive for, it’s better to concentrate on controlling two objectives first and foremost. This ensures that you’ll control the majority of the map and, of course, gain more points than the enemy.
  • When’s the best time to go for a Power Play? It’s highly situational, but we’ve found success when the enemy team is preoccupied with attacking one of your objectives. Slip away from your team and retake their only objective. At the worst, you’ll only have to fight one other person. Win that duel and the Power Play is yours!
  • Sometimes it’s good to band together as a group of three or four and form a ‘deathball’ of sorts. Honestly, just shoot at the same target while running shoulder to shoulder and it’s surprising how hard it is for the enemy to deal with.
  • Rifts and Barriers are great for establishing yourselves on an objective. Whack one down on – or near – the point to make your defense even stronger.

How does Control work?

Basic outline

  • Two teams of four players.
  • There are three control points: A,B,C. Both teams are vying to capture as many of these objectives as they can.
  • Objectives A and C are pre-captured when both teams first spawn.
  • Points are awarded to each team when players eliminate one another. The number of points awarded to each team per elimination is dependent on the number of objectives that team holds.
  • One objective captured: 1 point per kill. Two objectives captured: 2 points per kill. Three objectives captured: 3 points per kill.
  • If a team controls all three objectives, this is called a Power Play.
  • The team with the most points when the timer runs out wins.
  • Matches usually last between eight and ten minutes on average.

Capturing the objective

  • Players capture each objective simply by standing within a circular outline on the point itself. You’ll know if you’re capturing the point as a small percentage wheel will appear on your HUD – when this reaches 100, you’ve successfully captured it!
  • There’s no two-step capture process in Destiny 2. In the original Destiny, players would have to neutralise the objective before they could even start capturing it.
  • It takes around 5-6 seconds to capture an objective.
  • Bear in mind that there’s no difference in capture speed between one player and four players. Again, this is another change from the original Destiny which encourages splitting up to conquer the map, rather than clumping together all the time.

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