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Destiny 2: Easter Eggs, Secrets and more from the beta


Every morsel of mystery that's been dug up since the beta went live!

On this page you’ll be able to find all of the Destiny 2 easter eggs and secrets that have been uncovered by the community so far.

While it’s true that there isn’t a huge amount of content to get stuck into in the Destiny 2 beta, there are plenty of intriguing secrets to be uncovered for those prepared to do some deep digging around nevertheless.

For those who aren’t prepared to go to all of this trouble though, we thought it might be a nice idea to pull together all of the easter eggs and secrets that have been uncovered by the community. Expect this article to undergo quite a few revisions as the beta wears on, and people uncover every last mystery.

Editor’s UPDATE #1: We’ve added a couple of secrets discovered by the community: another hidden Lost Sector and the ability to ride speeders around the Inverted Spire. We’ll keep adding to this article as more easter eggs and secrets are discovered – so stay tuned for more!

Paul McCartney’s awful song survived the onslaught. Sorry.

If you cast your mind back to 2014, you might remember that a pretty dreadful Paul McCartney tune was commissioned to promote the original game. Titled Hope for the Future, the whole thing was pretty naff all things considered, and is unlikely to feature on a McCartney best-of any time soon.

Once the game went live though, you were able to listen to the song in the Tower hub if you had some mad desire to do so. Although the Tower gets destroyed during the sequel’s Homecoming mission, you can still just about hear a mangled refrain of the awful anthem at a certain point on the map (thanks Eurogamer).

Here’s a video if you missed it on your first playthrough and just want to catch up:

Atheon door discovered in the Inverted Spire

The Inverted Spire is the only Strike available to play in the Destiny 2 beta (and if you’ve yet to sample it, our Inverted Spire guide has everything you need). Inside this team challenge is a door with a pattern that resembles one seen in the original game’s debut raid Vault of Glass.

Community speculation has centred around the idea that this door will somehow lead to a Lost Sector. These are new PVE challenges with puzzle components, and are expected to be found across all four of the sequel’s worlds. Have a look at our Lost Sectors guide for more detail on how they’ll actually work.

Someone managed to actually glitch their way through that door, and make it to the other side and into what appears to be a Nessus Lost Sector.

Another Lost Sector location has been uncovered

As seen in the video we’ve embedded below, YouTuber, Houndish, seems to have discovered another Lost Sector location within the Inverted Spire area.

It’s a little easier to get to than the first Lost Sector location we’ve detailed above, and features a small network of claustrophobic Vex tunnels leading to a curious open plaza. There’s a blocked entrance here, suggesting that there may be a mini boss fight of sorts before progressing into a new area. We’ll have to wait and see!

Speed around the Inverted Spire on a Fallen Pike

Turns out you can commandeer a vehicle during the Inverted Spire Strike, and here’s us thinking we could only navigate it on foot!

If you want to whizz around on your very own speeder, stick around the spawn area until some drop ships start appearing. They’ll dump a variety of Cabal or Fallen enemies at your feet periodically, and if you’re lucky – three Fallen enemies riding Pikes. Simply shoot them off and claim them as your own.

Here’s a video by Byf who sums it all up nicely:

Oh, you can also bring the Pike’s into the Strike itself to add an extra vehicular twist to proceedings.

That’s all we have for now – as soon as more secrets are uncovered we’ll update this guide with all the latest details.

Think we’ve missed anything? Let us know in the comments and we’ll do some digging around!

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