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Destiny 2: Exodus Siege walkthrough guide (Adventure)


We'll make this Adventure much easier for you.

Our Destiny 2: Exodus Siege walkthrough guide explains how to hold against the fallen siege, take down the shield, override the generators and kill the Fallen commander.

The Fallen are preparing to attack Failsafe’s mainframe aboard the Exodus Black and you’re the Guardian to investigate the issue and solve it – by gunning everything down.

Everything considered, this Adventure is arguably one of the toughest and lengthiest in the game. You’ll encounter a tonne of Fallen resistance as you find out exactly what the Fallen are up to and ultimately take down the Commander that’s responsible for it. In a number of ways, it’s reminiscent of a mini-Strike as it contains a number of objectives and tough boss battles that separate it from other missions in Destiny 2.

As it’s a tricky mission, we’ve put together a handy guide that’ll help you through each objective so you can complete it without any trouble. One thing we’ll say before anything else is – bringing a friend to this Adventure is recommended, but no means essential.

(If you want to be the best at every area of the game, don’t forget to bookmark our PVP, Campaign walkthrough and Subclass guide pages – they’ve got everything you need if you want to get more out of Destiny 2, and will be continuously updated in the weeks ahead.)

Collect the Scout’s Report, Get to the Exodus Black and Hold Against the Fallen Siege

When you kickstart the mission, look for an objective marker on your mini-map. Following it will lead you to an Assault Scout enemy who’s a little tougher than your average Fallen Marauder.

If you’ve got a close range weapon handy, spray him and he’ll go down pretty quickly. As he goes down pick up the Scout Report that he drops. Now it’s time to get to the Exodus Black.

Hop on your Sparrows or sprint your way over to the map marker. You’ll be just at the entrance to the Exodus Black and caught right in the center of a Fallen Siege.

Your main aim here is to fill the percentage marker up to 100% while clearing out waves of Fallen enemies in the process. We recommend hanging back initially and picking off targets clambering around the entrance. Once they’re taken out, take the high ground by the main entrance and hunker down here, clearing the rest of the enemies that challenge you.

Follow the Fallen Signal, Take Down the Shield and Override the Generators

When you’ve hit 100% another map marker will appear, so simply follow it into a Vex filled cavern. You’ll see an enormous, glowing blue portal over to your left by the first cluster of Vex you encounter. Hop through it and continue following the marker once again, until the objective requires you to take down the Fallen shield.

It’s worth being patient and using the numerous pillars dotted around the environment as cover to clear the Fallen enemies up ahead. Once they’re out of the way, search for a mini-boss Servitor who should be floating around nearby. When you’ve found it, aim for the eye and grenade it to death.

Once it’s down, deposit the green orb it drops in the receptacle…now prepare for a battle.

You need to override two generators and this involves destroying two Assault Servitors. Be patient here and clear as much of the trash as you can before facing off against the Servitors. If you’re playing with a friend, it might be worth having them pop their Super to make this section much easier. Otherwise get close, prioritise putting damage on the Servitors and lob grenades at them.

Any power weapons are also going to work a treat here too. Constantly hit them in the eye and back away behind a pillar if you’re taking a little too much damage. When they go down you’ll have to transport the Arc Charges they drop to the receptacles by the shields, so do this straight away to speed the process up.

Kill the Fallen Commander

Now that the shield’s down, proceed through it and into another area. Deal with the Fallen mobs and keep an eye out for Elyksul, Assault Leader.

He’s quite a tricky customer due to his mobility, so it’s important to put as much damage on him as possible when he’s static. It’s also essential that you blast away his shield quickly and never stop hitting him when it’s down.

If you’ve got Supers or grenades, use them when he’s come to a stand still and let loose. Avoid getting too up close and personal as he’s got a devastating stomp attack that can absolutely ruin your health bar.

When he’s goes down, that’s this Adventure complete!

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