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Destiny 2: The Arms Dealer walkthrough guide – Destroy the Goliaths and Defeat Bracus Zahn


Our essential walkthrough for completing Destiny 2’s The Arms Dealer Strike.

Our Destiny 2: The Arms Dealer guide contains tips, tricks and strategy advice for completing all the objectives and defeating Primus Zahn’s Last Hand.

The Arms Dealer centers around taking down the Cabal warrior-leader Primus Zahn. You’ll have to breach his turf, blast your way through his forces and make your way to the main cargo deck where he lurks.

It’s worth noting that this is the first edition of our Strike guide and so we’ll be updating it with gameplay footage and handy screenshots to make things even clearer over time. Struggling with another Strike? Don’t forget to take a look at the rest of our Strike guides too – you’ll find the links further down the page!

(If you want to be the best at every area of the game, don’t forget to bookmark our PVP, Campaign walkthrough and Subclass guide pages – they’ve got everything you need if you want to get more out of Destiny 2, and will be continuously updated in the weeks ahead.)

Editor’s UPDATE #1: We’ve added in a few extra tips to help you with the final boss encounter right at the bottom of this walkthrough. We’ll continue refining this guide over time so stay tuned for more!

There are variations of this Strike depending on difficulty. There may be a mix of both Cabal and Fallen enemies, while certain sections may prove more challenging. Control panel locations may vary too but this shouldn’t affect the way we’ve written this guide. We’ve also highlighted the sections that may vary as well to make your life a little easier.

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Defeat Bracos Nor and Bracus Vox

The Strike starts you off in a narrow corridor filled with some Fallen enemies. Proceed forwards and detonate the canisters ahead to clear the way. Interact with the computer monitor and it’ll open up the doors to the docks.

Soon enough you’ll see a dropship deploying a number of enemies into the area. Everything from Cabal Legionaries, Phalanxes, Fallen Vandals and a Captain are on offer here. The main threat you’ll want to deal with though is Bracus Nor, the first mini-boss. Aim for the head, fire as a unit and he won’t last long.

Your next task is to whittle down the opposition and grab the fusion ball as soon as the objective prompts you to.

As you make your way towards the north cargo docks, you’ll encounter a second mini-boss called Bracus Vox. He’s going to run at you with a melee weapon, so it’s a case of gunning him down as quickly as you can. We recommend aiming for the head and nuking his health bar collectively as a team.

Now it’s a case of inserting the fusion ball into the receptacle guarded by some Centurions. One team member should head off on their lonesome and attempt to clear the area as much as possible, while the rest should protect the ball-carrier while they insert the ball. After this is done, split up and clear the rest of the enemy resistance.

Watch out for the Thresher (in the sky) and Zahn’s Lieutenant (the ramp ahead), along with some other Fallen mobs. This is the best time for one of your fireteam to pop their Super and dish out some serious damage. If you’ve got a ranged Super available, that’s your best bet, and it shouldn’t take much effort to down both of these threats.

Keep moving ahead, through the corridor and out into the loading bay. Shoot the yellow canisters for some explosive splash damage, and deal with the remaining Shanks and Vandals. Once you’re done, head through the next corridor into the Sunken Isles area.

Beat the Goliaths

There are variations to this section. Mines may appear on the ramps, more enemies may spawn and elevator control locations may change.

Drop the enemies nearby and check your right side to see if Hawthorne has dropped a Drake tank into the vicinity. If she has, hop in and enjoy.

Use it to smash enemies as you make your way up the ramp, blasting another mini-boss Bracus Crull. The tank’s shells are so powerful you won’t have a problem downing most enemies. Not all of you can pilot the tank, so other teammates should hop onto their sparrows and ride alongside it for cover.

If there’s no tank, that’s not too much of an issue but it does increase the amount of time it takes to get through this section. We recommend banding together and working your way up the ramp and through the cargo bay methodically. Use cover wisely and don’t hesitate to activate some Super abilities to wipe a great deal of the threat easily.

Next you’ll be entering the Legion’s Hold Hangar, so watch out for the Goliath tank in your way. If you’ve got use of the Drake tank, pepper it with shells and it’ll go down in no time. Another mini-boss – Bracus’ Brother – will appear here, so annihilate him as well. Then it’s a case of getting your teammates to access the controls, and helping them mop up the rest of the enemies.

If you’ve not got the tank, watch out for mines on the ramp. Work together as a unit, popping some Supers to get rid of the tank as quickly as possible before taking on the remaining threats. Be mindful of the second Goliath, although it’s not much of an issue as it can’t move. Stay on the move, or ducking in and out of cover, shooting it with either bullets or a Super – it’ll go down easy.

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Tips, tricks and tactics for killing Primus Zahn

Proceed through the hangar bay and the two bridges ahead. Take down the enemies as you plough through, prioritising the flamethrowers first.

Once you reach the end, defeat the Centurions who’ve appeared next to big boss Primus Zahn. He’ll then retreat, which means you’ll have to head onto the elevator and mop up the Cabal and Fallen. It’s important to save your Supers and grenades for the main boss battle to come.

Primus Zahn will poke his head out from atop the elevator and take pot-shots at you with his deadly sniper rifle. Take cover behind the crates and attempt to split up when you find the chance. Quickly deal with the sentry guns, and focus all your efforts on Zahn. Ideally you’ll want one or two of you to go all in with your Supers while the other stays back and focuses fire on his head.

Once he loses around a third of his health, he’ll scamper off and shield himself. Ready yourself for a bit of an onslaught. You’ll be bombarded with dropships deploying all sorts of enemies. It’s important that you don’t panic and focus down the enemies swiftly and efficiently, ideally banding together for maximum survivability.

When the time comes, you’ll be able to nab a solar charge. Grab it as soon as the prompt appears, sprint across the deck (bring a friend if need be) and deposit it in the conduit.

This kicks off the next stage of the fight, where Zahn crashes down onto deck. It’s at this stage that you’ll want to retreat behind cover along the outer edges. Split up, with one of you baiting the mobs and taking them out. While this is happening, keep spraying his head and activate a Super.

Be aware that he’ll be targeting one of you with a sniper rifle. This player must stay on the move and utilise the surrounding cover to avoid getting hit too often.

Whittle Zahn down enough and he’ll enter the final stage where he’ll adopt a close-quarters approach with a deadly shotgun. It’s incredibly important to keep split up here so you don’t all get taken down in one big blast.

Now’s the time to nuke Zahn with any Supers or grenades you’ve got. Otherwise, we recommend whipping out a close-range weapon of your own and laying into him. SMGs, Shotguns and any Power weapons should do the job just fine.

Avoid Zahn’s shots by using cover, or even by having one of your fireteam grab his attention by running around him. It doesn’t matter a great deal if this ally goes down, as long as the rest of your team keeps chunking away at his health bar. You’ll take him down soon enough.

Mission complete!

Extra Strategies to defeat Bracus Zahn

Below you’ll find a few more tips that’ll help you take down the final boss.

  • When you’re transporting the Solar Charges, you can speed up the running process by meleeing the air periodically.
  • When Bracus retreats to his perch, make sure you’re still hitting him with damage to activate his next phase.
  • The Exotic Fusion Rifle Merciless is a brilliant way of shredding Bracus’ health bar when he drops down to face you.
  • We found the Exotic Trace Rifle Coldheart to be particularly potent against Bracus. Keep that icy beam zeroed in on his face and it’ll do a surprising number on his health bar.
  • Bracus has a tendency to rocket jump over to the nearest enemy (your ally) he sees. Once he’s landed he takes a while to shift, so it’s the perfect time to land a grenade or Super on him.
  • Damage over time grenades like Voidwall, Pulse and Vortex are perfect for chunking Bracus’ health bar with minimal effort.
  • We don’t recommend getting involved in a close quarters brawl with Bracus as he’s got a devastating stomp attack that brings you dangerously near death with one hit. Avoid using a Sword at all costs!
  • Don’t ignore the mobs that are spawning in constantly, it’s worth investing time in clearing the arena as you’ll pick up valuable Power ammo.

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