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Destiny 2: Faction Rally update, hotfixes and more coming with patch


Bungie addresses Faction Rallies, weapon tuning and more.

Bungie has released an update on what’s planned for Faction Rallies going forward, alongside information on a slew of hotfixes coming to Destiny 2 with patch

All of this news was confirmed in Bungie’s official blog post and starts by addressing the future of Faction Rallies before detailing what fixes are coming in the near future.

Faction Rally

Below you’ll find a summary of the news concerning the Faction Rally event.

  • The winner of the Faction Rally event will be announced on Tuesday, October 3rd as soon as the scheduled downtime for patch has ended.
  • Faction Rallies are a new ritual that visits the Tower periodically.
  • Once the event is over, tokens cannot be earned, but you can still redeem any that you’ve been holding onto.
  • Any Engrams that are waiting to be claimed from a faction vendor will be auto-decrypted and placed in your inventory once the reset has taken place.
  • The next Faction Rally event will return, although no release date has been confirmed as of yet.

Weapon Tweaks

Bungie’s senior designer Jon Weisnewski has given a brief update on what the future will hold for Destiny 2’s weapons, in particular the thorny issue of the Mida-Multi Tool.

Weisnewski begins by saying that Bungie has been playing along with the community daily, but they’re not ready to drop details on weapons or ability tuning just yet.

”Hello, Guardians. Since the launch of Destiny 2, we have been reading your feedback, spectating streams, and watching YouTube videos. Very recently, we received our first real batch of player data from our analytics team. We’ve also been shoulder-to-shoulder with you in the trenches daily, playing the ever-loving crud out of this game. We’re not ready to go into detail about any weapon or ability tuning at this point, but there is an ongoing process in play, so we did want to drop a quick line and say…”

The popularity of the Mida-Multi Tool in the Crucible has been phenomenal, with many members of the community regarding it as a must-have for PVP. Weisnewski reiterates that Bungie is listening to feedback but there are a number of options out there which could supersede its dominance.

”We have heard your feedback. Thank you! Destiny 2 will get updates that tune the sandbox experience. We are aware of MIDA Multi-Tool’s popularity and are looking at it very closely. It is popular, but according to our data, there are options out there that match or exceed its effectiveness in all activities. Have you found one?”

Finally Weisnewski confirms that many more weapons are still to come!

”It’s only the first month of a long adventure. Many players are still gathering weapons for their arsenal and we have a handful of guns that haven’t even hit the game yet. We’re excited to see how things evolve. As always, thanks for playing, and keep the feedback rolling in.”

Patch Notes Preview

Bungie’s got a hotfix landing on Tuesday, 3rd October 2017 which contains fixes for a number of issues that Guardians are experiencing.

Server Maintenance Schedule

Here’s when maintenance will start in your region. It’s estimated to complete after four hours.

  • Tuesday, October 3rd 2017.
  • 08:00AM PT
  • 11:00AM ET
  • 15:00PM UCT
  • 16:00PM BST
  • 16:00PM EU

General Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in which players could lose access to the Veteran’s Transmat Effect by deleting characters.
  • Fixed an issue in which clan engrams would grant Trials of the Nine and raid rewards at only 10 Power.
  • Fixed an issue in which progress for the Exotic Quest Step “His Highness’s Seal” was not incrementing properly.
  • Quest progress will still increment by 1, but the Quest Step now only requires 10 Seals to be collected.
  • Fixed an issue in which raid milestones would not show for some players after the weekly reset (This didn’t affect any raid rewards).
  • Fixed issues in which players could enter a state where they are continuously killed or unable to resurrect if encounter complete and failure events occurred simultaneously.

Cayde’s Stash, Lost Sector loot and Leviathan Raid Issues

Finally, Bungie briefly touched upon known issues concerning the loot granted by Cayde’s treasure chests, Lost Sector rewards and the disappearance of Leviathan Raid keys.

Treasure Chests

  • It’s expected that if too many planetary chests are opening within a short amount of time, players may not receive items. This is under investigation.

Leviathan Raid Keys

  • There are two instances where Leviathan Raid keys may vanish from player inventories.
  • Signing in with alternate characters will remove raid keys if the character had not been signed in since the weekly reset.
  • If a player earns Raid keys and creates a new character, raid keys are removed from inventory.
  • To prevent this issue, we advise players sign in with all characters or inspect all characters on the Destiny Companion App prior to completing checkpoints within the Leviathan raid after the weekly reset.

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