Destiny 2: Here’s 4K, 60 fps footage of the Homecoming mission


Buttery smooth gameplay.

Nvidia posted a video showcasing Destiny 2’s Homecoming mission running on PC in 4K, at 60 fps. If you’re looking to enjoy the very best experience of the game for yourself, this is about as good as things get!

Make sure you click on the settings wheel and crank the resolution right up to 1440p if you want to watch the gameplay footage in all its stunning glory:

Although we’re not given details as to what this footage is running on, we can only assume it’s Nvidia’s flagship GTX 1080 Ti graphics card packed into the beefiest rig they could assemble.

Planning to play Destiny 2 on the PC? Although the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are going to be released on Wednesday 6th September, PC players won’t be able to get going until the October 27th. Going by the video above, we reckon it might well be worth waiting a little longer.

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