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Destiny 2: Heroic Public Events guide – How to trigger each type


Our essential guide to upgrading the Public Events in Destiny 2.

Our Heroic Public Events guide explains how to trigger the upgraded versions of Cabal Extraction, Devil Walker, Disrupt Vex Construction, Ether Resupply, Glimmer Extraction, Injection Rig, Taken Blight and Hive Witches.

One of the most fun ways to increase your Power rating in Destiny 2 is to participate in one of the many Public Events that are continuously popping up all over the world. To find out what’s going on in your local region, you simply open up your Director, look for the Public Event icon, and then check the timer to see when things are getting started.

Once in position, you’ll be able to do battle against a huge number of horrible enemies with your fellow Guardians, with the possibility of receiving Rare or even Legendary Engrams for your efforts. It’s a seriously effective way of seeing out the gear grind once you’ve had your fill of Strikes or Crucible matches.

Even better, you can actually increase the quality of the rewards you receive by notching up the difficulty just a little and turning the group challenge into a Heroic Public Event. The extra difficulty isn’t that intimidating, and it’s well worth going to the trouble of upgrading things if you have even a few other Guardians assisting.

How do you actually trigger them though? Below, you’ll find details of what you need to know about upgrading every kind of Public Event that’s currently available in Destiny 2.

Editor’s UPDATE #1: We’ve updated this guide with a complete video walkthrough which you’ll find right at the bottom of the page. We’ll continue updating this guide with further tips and tricks – so keep this article bookmarked for more!

Cabal Extraction

Look to the skies and target the Cabal plane that’s firing on you. If you and the rest of the group can shoot this machine down before the rig is destroyed, you’ll upgrade this to a Heroic Public Event.

Devil Walker

Shoot the legs of this mechanical monstrosity to spawn orbs. The participants should make a point of grabbing these orbs and transferring them into the devices located around the perimeter of the event. Once all have been loaded, a second Walker will spawn which signifies the triggering of the Heroic event.

Disrupt Vex Construction

Look on the ground for a series of rings here. To trigger Heroic mode, you simply need to have people stand in all three of these spots until the capture process is complete. This must happen before there’s less than a minute left on the clock.

Ether Resupply

Keep firing on the massive Servitor until it spawns a series of small Servitors. Keep killing these mini-protectors through multiple waves. When the last one has been killed you’ll trigger the Heroic version of the Public Event, but keep in mind that you need to move fast – we understand that these little Servitors can despawn after a certain amount of time has passed.

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Glimmer Extraction

While each Glimmer extraction is taking place you’ll spot a small device on the floor which can be damaged. If you can obliterate three of these then the Heroic version of the event will be triggered. Look for the round box that appears shortly after the enemies spawn – that’s the thing you need to target!

Injection Rig

Whenever a Psion is killed you’ll start receiving burn damage inside the bubble. When this happens, the vent ports on the rig will open up and can be damaged. Despite the damage you’re taking from the heat, your job is to keep damaging those vents until they blow and the Heroic version of the event becomes active.

Taken Blight

All around the big bubble are a series of smaller bubbles. If you and the other Guardians “dip into” these bubbles, you’ll pick up a buff that allows you to damage the big Blight in the middle. Do enough damage here and the event will be upgraded, introducing a new monster to the mayhem.

Hive Witches

After killing the first two witches you’ll see a pair of shielded crystals either side of the portal. The team then needs to spread out so they are covering each of the two circles. Capture both before all Witches are destroyed to upgrade the event!

Video Walkthrough

We thought it would be extra helpful if you could see exactly what we’ve talked you through. So below we’ve embedded a video by Datto who provides examples of each Heroic event trigger to make your life even easier – especially for the more fiddly methods.

If you found the video helpful, do make sure to give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing for more insightful Destiny 2 content.

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