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Destiny 2: Lake of Shadows walkthrough guide – Kill The Executioner, Asphyxiator and Grask


Our essential walkthrough for beating Destiny 2's Lake of Shadows Strike.

Our Destiny 2: Lake of Shadows walkthrough guide explains how to kill Grask, The Executioner and The Asphyxiator, as well as completing all the objectives.

The Lake of Shadows sees you wiping out the Taken in their own backyard. First youm move through the European Dead Zone and clear out the Blights that are pouring Taken into the area. Next it’s about winding your way through a network of murky tunnels and defeating powerful Taken mini-bosses, before facing off against a huge Phalanx named Grask.

Note that this is just the first edition of our guide to completing this Strike, and we’ll be embedding video elements and screenshots to help clear the various sections just as soon as they become available. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our Strike guides too – the links can be found further in the article!

(If you want to be the best at every area of the game, don’t forget to bookmark our PVP, Campaign walkthrough and Subclass guide pages – they’ve got everything you need if you want to get more out of Destiny 2, and will be continuously updated in the weeks ahead.)

Destroy the Taken Blights

When you start off proceed straight ahead, following the road round to the left, then right onto another overgrown path. Simply follow the path all the way and you should come to a wrecked house lit by blue-ish lamps.

Head into the house and double-jump up to the next floor, skirting around to the right. Drop down the opening onto another overgrown path and you’ll enter Maevic Square. Proceed forwards, turn right and you’ll see an enormous Taken Blight in the centre of the square itself.

It’s now a case of clearing the area of mobs when you draw nearer, dealing with the Taken Centurions first, then taking out the rest. We recommend switching between your energy and kinetic weapon to destroy the Centurion’s shields before spraying them with bullets.

Don’t be afraid to run around the square itself, retreating to regenerate health. Make sure you stick together too, as this way you’ll be able to revive each other quickly and focus on the same targets for more damage.

Once the Taken threat is dealt with, run up to the Blight and riddle it with bullets until it goes down. Another marker will appear at the top left of the square, so follow the path around dealing with the Taken mobs as you go. Just round the corner on the right will be another Blight.

Again, focus on clearing the Taken mobs, staying at distance initially to deal with the Taken Thrall wave. Start moving in and drawing out the rest of the Taken from the safety of their Blight shield. Destroy the Blight and turn your attention to the Hobgoblins positions dead ahead and over to the left. One is on the destroyed bus and the other’s further back on a platform.

Turn right and you’ll see another Taken mob – which is a little tougher this time. Focus on the Taken Captains first, then hit the cluster of Goblins with grenades and shots to the head. Just over to your right is the next Blight, so run towards it and take cover behind the dilapidated bus on the left for cover. Take out the mob and destroy the Blight.

Another Taken mob will spawn over to your right, along with a mini-boss, the Taken Fracturer. It’s now a good time for one of you to use your Super and wipe them out quickly. The objective will update, so pass through the hole in the wall to your left and descend through the tunnel.

You’ll eventually reach a Taken orb blocking your way. Shoot it down and move into the next room, clearing the Thralls and then focusing on the Captain. Head to the stairs on the right and wipe out the mob of Thralls. Descend down another level and you’ll encounter the next mini-boss, the Taken Exsanguinator!

Whip out your energy weapons and take out its shield quickly, and then barrage it with grenades and hits from your power weapons. The Exsanguinator is located in such a narrow corridor that it won’t be able to escape a coordinated explosive blasting.

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Reach the final arena

Turn left and you’ll come across a number of Taken Phalanxes. Get out your close-range weapons and let loose, jumping over them and hitting them where it hurts the most. Navigate this narrow pathway by flanking around the left side and sticking together. Clear the mobs and get ready to take on another mini-boss, the Taken Executioner.

The Executioner has no armour, so spam him with everything you’ve got. We recommend staying at a distance and aiming for the head. He’ll go down pretty sharpish if you do this, and you won’t put yourself at unnecessary risk.

Once you’re done, wind your way through the tunnels ahead. Once your reach the bottom, have one of your squad deal with the Thralls on the right and the rest deal with the Knight on the left. Head up the stairs and clear the trash as you go. You can duck down the stairs if you need to regain some health.

When you’re at the top, continue along the path and into a chamber with a murky liquid pool in the center. While there’s other mobs here, prioritise the mini-boss Taken Asphyxiator over to the left and his Goblin buddy. Hit the Goblin first to remove the barrier he’s casting over the Asphyxiator.

Now break the Asphyxiator’s shield and pepper him with bullets, treating him much the same as all the other mini-bosses. Use the pillars as cover and poke him from a distance to ensure you all survive without taking a scratch. Alternatively, you can all run up to him with close range power weapons and hit him in unison – he won’t stand a chance.

When the Asphyxiator’s down, ascend up the tunnel to the right and keep following the path upwards, clearing the fodder as you go. Eventually you’ll come to a shimmering Taken wall, so pass through it and drop down into a large arena which houses a Taken Blight in the center.

Destroy the Blight and prepare for the final battle.

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Tips and tricks to defeat Grask, The Consumed

Treat Grask like a huge Phalanx, so make sure you don’t get too close and avoid shooting his shield. Instead, keep your distance and circle the perimeter of the arena while peppering his head.

He’ll begin spawning in some Taken mobs and start teleporting around before long, so we recommend splitting up a little, ensuring that you swamping him from all angles. This way you’re laying damage down on him and negating the fact that he’s even got a shield.

Eventually the perimeter of the arena will start filling with a toxic Taken liquid, so start moving inwards. Keep swarming him and spraying his head with gunfire until you take him down to his last third of health.

It’s at this point the fight gets really tricky, as he gets far more aggressive and begins charging the Guardian’s closest to him. To get through this part, have one of your team bait him and his mobs (don’t stop running) while the other two hit him hard with everything they’ve got to hand. If that means Supers, use them!

Never stay in one place and forever keep on the move, clearing the mobs if you can, and slamming Grask with hits to the head. Don’t go into close combat with him either as he’ll knock you down very quickly.

Eventually you’ll take Grask out, and once he’s dropped that juicy loot you’ve completed the Strike!

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