Destiny 2: Hotfix to address “hitching” issues on PC


It should iron out frame rate inconsistencies.

Destiny 2’s PC version will receive Hotfix today (6th November) to address “hitching” issues in the game. The console version will not be receiving this update.

Bungie confirmed the news on its Twitter feed and posted further details on its official site which we’ve broken down for you below.

As it’s only a small hotfix, the servers will not be taken offline for a number of hours. Instead, Guardians already in the game may be returned to the login screen to update their game or completely restart their client to initiate the download.

Players may also encounter “Error Code Sheep” if attempting to form a Fireteam with someone who hasn’t downloaded the hotfix. So, if you’re suddenly booted to the login screen and your friend isn’t, make sure you both exit the game to get the update.

This update will be welcome news to PC players who’ve reported sudden FPS drops or micro-stutters when participating in both PVE and PVP activities.

Although Destiny 2 on the PC is incredibly smooth for the most part, Hotfix should hopefully iron out frame rate inconsistencies and make the game run even better.

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