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Destiny 2: Hunter Gunslinger guide – Abilities, skill tree, Super, passives


A closer look at the revised Gunslinger making its return in Destiny 2.

Our Hunter Gunslinger guide contains all of the subclass’s abilities, passive abilities, grenades, barriers and other upgrades.

Hunters in Destiny 2 excel at short to medium range combat, using their heightened agility and melee weapon skills to devastating effect. Although nothing much has changed in that regard from the first game, all of the returning subclasses have had quite a makeover or the second time around, and the Gunslinger is no exception.

We’ve gathered together all the information you need to know about their new skills and abilities below. In order to do this, we found Arekkz’ video – which we’ve embedded further down the page – incredibly helpful. If you agree, give the video a thumbs-up and maybe consider subscribing to his channel for all of his ongoing original Destiny 2 content!

This guide will undergo a lot of changes head into the game’s launch, but for now you should find the following a pretty solid primer on how things are shaping up for the Gunslinger in Destiny 2.

When you’ve finished brushing up on the Hunter Gunslinger, why not get a head start on the other subclasses by reading our Destiny 2 Subclass guide? It’s got all the latest information on every character class that we currently know about!

Editor’s UPDATE #7: We’ve added in a brand new section to the top of this page which’ll help you decide which skill tree to choose for a given situation. We’ll continue updating this guide with more strategy advice, tips and tricks when they come our way. Stay tuned for more!

Destiny 2: Subclass guides

Which should I choose: Way of the Outlaw or Way of the Sharpshooter?

Often when we’ve been playing on our Gunslinger we’ve come to an impasse – which skill tree do we choose? Both seem to offer amazing damage bonuses, but it’s difficult to know if it’s better to fire off more shots that offer a little less damage, or the complete opposite.

Well, from our experience it comes down to whether you’re looking to take care of multiple enemies or deal single target damage.

We recommend you equip Way of the Sharpshooter for PVP and PVE scenarios where you’re sole aim is to deal exceptional damage to a boss. The increased accuracy in PVP ensures that you’ll land each shot, while the immense damage is perfect for chunking tough enemies.

On the other hand, Way of the Outlaw gives you more bullets in the chamber but they’re less accurate and deal less damage. However, this means it’s built for a different purpose – and that’s crowd control. Unleash this when you’re swamped by enemies and you can obliterate a whole mob in an instant.

Is the Hunter Gunslinger viable for Raids and Strikes?

Having played the Gunslinger since the game’s launch, we’ve been pleasantly surprised at the versatility of the subclass. You’ve got an exploding throwing knife, incredibly useful triple jump and the ability to easily obliterate targets like a flaming cowboy. What’s not to love?

According to many members of the Destiny 2 community – a fair amount. There’s been a particular backlash surrounding the Hunter class and its viability in PVE. Other classes have been touted as more useful, able to protect allies from damage and aid their health regeneration when the going gets tough.

Hunters are a little more selfish, and the Gunslinger seemingly offers no supporting abilities at first glance. Although we’d beg to differ, and we reckon they’re just as important as all the others when it comes to PVE.Raiding and Strikes.

The Gunslinger fulfills the DPS or damage dealer role in a team, dishing out pain and taking out groups of enemies in a flash. Take a look at the skill tree and there’s some helpful tools in there as well: “Chains of Woe” increases reloads speed for you and your allies, a brilliant buff to have in the heat of battle. What’s more, “Crowd Pleaser” enables you to generate Orbs of Light with precision hits, meaning huge damage potential coupled with the ability to help recharge your allies Supers much faster.

Perhaps there are no direct “support” abilities, but this doesn’t mean the Gunslinger isn’t viable in PVE – far from it. With announcement Nightfall Strikes restricted to a time limit and the Leviathan Raid’s tough encounters, the Gunslinger’s ability to clear mobs of enemies and buff teams come into their own.

Super Ability: Golden Gun

  • Pressing L1+R1 together will summon a flaming pistol that disintegrates enemies with Solar Light.

Make sure you check out our Super guide for more tips and tricks on how to master the Hunter Gunslinger’s Golden Gun ability.

Way of the Outlaw

These are passive class abilities.

  • Chains of Woe: Precision kills increase weapon reload speed for you and nearby allies.
  • Deadshot: Signficantly improves your ability to hit with Golden Gun.
  • Six Shooter: Golden Gun can be fired quickly up to 6 times, but has a shorter duration.
  • Explosive Knife: Throw a knife from a distance that explodes shortly after impact with this Melee Ability.

Way of the Sharpshooter

  • Knife-Juggler: Throw a knife from a distance. Precision knife kills with this Melee Ability immediately recharges it.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Enter a trance with each Precision hit, reducing the cooldown of your Super.
  • Crowd Pleaser: Enables precision damage with Golden Gun. Precision hits with Golden Gun generate Orbs of Light.
  • Line ‘Em Up: Precision hits with Golden Gun increase its damage and extend its duration.


  • Swarm Grenade: A grenade that detonates on impact, releasing multiple drones that seek nearby enemies.
  • Incendiary Grenade: A grenade whose explosion catches enemies on fire.
  • Tripmine Grenade: An explosive grenade that sticks to surfaces and detonates when enemies pass through its laser trigger.

Our most popular Destiny 2 guides:


Two types of dodge tied to the Hunter class.

  • Gambler’s Dodge: Dodging (double tapping circle) near enemies generates Melee energy.
  • Marksman’s Dodge: Automatically reload your equipped weapon when Dodging.


  • High Jump: While airborne, jump a second time to reach greater heights.
  • Strafe Jump: While ariborne, jump a second time with strong directional control.
  • Triple Jump: While airborne, sustain your air control with a second or third jump.

Here’s a closer look at all of the subclass’ abilities, worked through one by one:

Hunter Gunslinger PVP

Here’s a little bit of PVP footage of the Hunter Gunslinger. Don’t forget to check out our Destiny 2: Crucible guide for details of everything else we know about this area of the game:

Hunter Gunslinger PVE

In the video below you’ll find footage of the Hunter Gunslinger fighting through the Inverted Spire Strike. Make sure you check out our Destiny 2 Inverted Spire Guide for a more in-depth look at this co-operative PVE mission.

Hunter Gunslinger Golden Gun PVP highlight

We’ve embedded a video below by Destiny 2 Community which sees a Hunter Gunslinger pull off a rapid triple kill with his Golden Gun Super Ability. Not only does it showcase the sheer power of this ability, but it also highlights one simple fact – run if you’re about to be on the receiving end of the Golden Gun.

We’ll make sure to update this article if any other Hunter Gunslinger highlights come to our attention!

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