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Destiny 2: Titan Striker guide – Abilities, skill tree, Super, passives


A comprehensive breakdown of all the abilities and skills for the Striker subclass.

Our Titan Strike guide contains all of the subclass’s abilities, passive abilities, grenades, barriers and other upgrades.

Titans are the juggernauts of Destiny 2, utilising their brute strength and their skill with firearms to punish their enemies. Specialising in wearing heavy armour, Titan’s are often the first to get stuck into a fight with their fists, and the Striker subclass in Destiny 2 certainly caters to those who relish close-quarters combat.

Having played this revamped subclass for ourselves, we’ve brought together all the information you need to know about the Striker’s abilities and skills in one place.

When you’ve finished reading up on the Titan Striker, you might want to check out our subclass guide which covers every other character in the game. For the lowdown on everything to do with the new game, have a look at our core Destiny 2 guide – it’s absolutely massive!

Editor’s UPDATE #2: Right at the bottom of this page we’ve added a brand new Titan Striker PVP highlight on the PC. It really does showcase how strong this class can be when facing off against other Guardians in the Crucible. We’ll continue updating this guide with more tips, tricks and highlights over time, so stay tuned for more!

Why you should choose Code of the Juggernaut

Being a Titan is to relish getting right into the thick of a fight and relishing the mayhem. Going down the Juggernaut skill tree perfectly embraces this ethos and actively encourages you to bat opponents away with your fists.

If you’re looking for ultimate survivability in a Titan build, you’ll want to invest points in the Juggernaut tree, hop into a mob of enemies and start punching away. Dropping enemies with a single punch means that you’ll recover a portion of your health instantly and begin regenerating it too. This buff ensures that you’ll survive situations which you definitely won’t have if you were any other subclass.

For any enemies killed with your Super, the Juggernaut skill tree extends its duration a little. Normally it lasts around 12 seconds without slamming the ground or should barging enemies. However, you can extend it past a staggering 20 seconds with the Juggernaut skill tree!

Why you should choose Code of the Earthshaker

It all comes down to one thing really, and that’s the bonus of having one extra grenade. The ability to chuck two Pulse grenades into a group of enemies or boss can lay down an unbelievable amount of damage – couple this with your Super and it’s off the scale.

We’ve been through many Nightfalls and Raid stages as an Earthshaking Striker and there’s simply no competition on our damage stats. It’s also the fact that each passive Super ability plays into the other so you’re constantly regenerating grenades with your Seismic Slam and leaving electrified areas in your wake.

Trust us, going down the Earthshaker route is one of the most enjoyable ways to play this game. It’s a chaotic, brutish delight playing the Titan Striker this way and we don’t see ourselves ever switching off it!

Destiny 2: Subclass guides

Super Ability: Fist of Havoc

  • Once this is activated, you can either slam into the ground, or alternatively push shoulder-first into an enemy.

Make sure you check out our Super guide for more tips and tricks on how to master the Titan Striker’s Fist of Havoc ability.

Code of the Juggernaut

These are passive class abilities.

  • Frontal Assault: A powerful Melee punch that grants you increased weapon stability.
  • Reversal: Melee kills immediately trigger health regeneration.
  • Knockout: Breaking enemy shields increases your melee range.
  • Trample: Fist of Havoc lasts longer while Sprinting. Killing enemies with Fist of Havoc extends its duration.

Code of the Earthshaker

These are passive class abilities.

  • Seismic Strike: After sprinting, for a short time, use this Melee ability to slam shoulder-first into your target and release an Arc explosion on impact.
  • Aftershocks: Damaging enemies with Seismic Strike recharges your grenade.
  • Magnitude: Gain an additional grenade charge. Increases the duration of grenade effects.
  • Terminal Velocity: Fists of Havoc’s ground slam attack leaves a damage-dealing field in its wake and deals more damage the longer it’s in the air.


  • Pulse Grenade: A grenade that periodically damages enemies inside its explosion radius.
  • Flashbang Grenade – An explosive grenade that disorientates enemies.
  • Lightning Grenade: A grenade that sticks to any surface and emits bolts of lightning.

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There are two types of barricade associated with the Titan class.

  • Towering Barricade: A large barrier that can be used for cover, or to seal off dangerous areas for a short time.
  • Rallying Barricade: A small barrier you can peek over while aiming down sights. Instantly reloads your equipped weapon when you take cover.


  • Increased Height: Upgrades Lift to travel to greater heights.
  • Increased Control: Upgrades Lift for better directional control while in the air.
  • Catapult: Upgrades Lift to provide a strong initial burst of momentum.

Titan Striker PvP Highlight

Here’s some PC footage of the Titan Striker tearing things up in the Crucible. You’ll see how versatile the Striker is when it comes to dishing out damage, taking hits and traversing the environment quickly and efficiently -take a note of how Zoreand uses the charge ability.

Make sure you also check out our Crucible PVP guide for all the details on how to dominate in Destiny 2’s competitive arena.

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