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Destiny 2: Mida Multi-Tool quest guide: How to unlock the Mida Mini-Tool and Mida Multi-Tool


Everything you need to know about unlocking bot and it's powerful counterpart.

Our Mida Mini-Tool / Mida Multi-Tool guide contains a complete walkthrough for unlocking these amazing guns from the Earth Exotic Weapon quest chain.

The Mida Multi-Tool was a very popular weapon indeed in the original Destiny, and it’s now also available to unlock in the sequel.

There are two particularly nice Perks about this weapon. First of all it boosts your movement speed, which helps in every combat situation, and second of all it allows you to still view your radar while looking down your sights. This stops you getting total tunnel vision while focusing on your current target, only to get chomped to pieces by an attack from the sides.

You needed a lot of luck on your side to get this meaty weapon in the original game – relying on either its availability at a vendor or the luck of the loot process – but now you just have to work through a pretty manageable quest line to unlock the Destiny 2 edition of the weapon.

If all that wasn’t enough good news for you, there’s also an SMG variant going by the name of the Mida Mini-Tool to bag as well! Combined, these two weapons help you pack a pretty devastating punch, and right when you need to start hitting hard at end-game.

On that note we’re going to make a mention that – as with all of the Exotic Weapon quest chains which are linked further below – you should delay undertaking this mission for as long as you can. The reason for this is that the quest reward scales with your current Power level, and so the higher your Power level when you claim this sucker, the more powerful it will be.

How do you actually unlock both of these weapons though? We’ll start with the easy one (the Mida Mini-Tool), then explain how to unlock its even deadlier counterpart.

Editor’s UPDATE #1: To help you with this quest even further, we’ve linked a video walkthrough right at the bottom of our guide. Not only is it a visual aid, but it also expands on why the Mini and Multi Tool are currently so strong in the meta. We’ll of course keep updating this page with more insights as time goes by – stay tuned!

(If you want to be the best at every area of the game, don’t forget to bookmark our PVP, Strike and Subclass guide pages – they’ve got everything you need if you want to get more out of Destiny 2, and will be continuously updated in the weeks ahead.)

How to get the Mida Mini-Tool

First things first, you must hit have finished the entire Campaign, and then completed all sections of a special Earth mission called Enhance! The whole thing is pretty self-explanatory really, so just work your way through the mission, following all of the objectives as they’re given to you.

Once you’ve finished up, return to Devrim Kay at his usual spot in the church and he’ll reward you with the Mida Mini-Tool.

Congratulations! Now it’s time to hunt down the second part of the puzzle.

How to get the Mida Multi-Tool

Although this section is a little trickier, it should only take you a couple of hours at most to complete. It is well worth effort to unlock this Exotic Scout Rifle though, so here’s what you need to know:

If you head to The Tower, you’ll notice that there’s a new World Quest marker on your map, and it’s slap-bang on top of Banshee-44.

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How to complete Sight, Shoot, Repeat

Talk to this vendor and take the quest called Sight, Shoot, Repeat. there are two special objectives that you need to complete to finish off this mission, and they must be completed using your Scout Rifle of choice.

  • Objective 1: Eliminate enemies with precision shots (50 total)
  • Objective 2: Eliminate multiple enemies without reloading (25 total)

We’ll explain the fastest way of completing both of these objectives now. If this kind of mini-grind doesn’t float your boat though, you can always just crack on with some alternative missions and objectives – you’ll tick them off the list eventually that way!

Objective 1: Eliminate enemies with precision shots

To land a precision shot, you’re going to need to blast that sucker right between the eyes. You’ll know you’ve ticked off one of these when you land the kind of crit that takes an enemy out in one fell swoop. You can check the item in your inventory to see what kind of progress you’re making too.

Objective 2: Eliminate multiple enemies without reloading

Pretty simple this one. Bench your instinct to pop a reload whenever you have a moment’s breathing space to do so, and look for packs of enemies you can land headshots on nice and easily. A special note here that “multiple enemies” appears to amount to three straight kills. You can move between groups to add to your tally, but better to tackle a group of three or more at once.

Once you’ve completed both of those objectives, return to Banshee-44 on The Tower and talk to him to activate the next, final stage of the quest.

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How to complete The Fall Will Kill you

The next quest you’re given is called The Fall Will Kill You.

This one’s pretty simple to complete, and simply requires that you achieve a total of 50 airborne kills while you’re up in the air, and while you’re using an SMG.

If you need to, do a little light damage against your targets before leaping up, and doing the final bit of damage while you’re up in the air.

It can take a little while to finish this one, so consider combining it with something like a handful of Public Events. That way you’re improving your other gear while working towards a very tasty treat indeed.

When you’ve totted up your 50 kills, simple head back to Banshee-44 and claim your hard-earned reward: the Mida Multi-Tool!

How to get the Mida Mini/Multi Tool – Video Walkthrough

For those who’d like to see exactly where to go and what to do, we’ve embedded a video by Arekkz below that’ll take you through the entire questline.

It’s extremely useful and provides a brilliant overview of each step in Devrim’s mission. On top of this, Arekkz gives some insight into what sets both of these weapons apart from the rest and why the Mida Multi Tool’s should make it into your arsenal.

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