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Destiny 2: No Safe Distance walkthrough guide (Adventure)


Our essential walkthrough of Destiny 2's No Safe Distance mission.

Our Destiny 2: No Safe Distance walkthrough guide explains how to arm and detonate the explosives before getting to safety.

Sloane needs you to neutralise a bunch of explosives the Cabal have been rustling up, which involves heading over to Firebase Hades and doing the job yourself. Thankfully it’s a fairly straightforward affair, and we’ll guide you through it to make your life even easier.

As per usual with missions in Firebase Hades, you have to get hold of a keycard to gain further access into its depths. From there it’s a case of defusing three explosives, arming some yourself and then blowing up the Cabal’s tanks. It’s towards the end of the mission where things get a little trickier and enemies start pouring in to take you down. Don’t fear, for we’ve got a full walkthrough for you below which’ll get you through all these objectives without a scratch.

(If you want to be the best at every area of the game, don’t forget to bookmark our PVP, Campaign walkthrough and Subclass guide pages – they’ve got everything you need if you want to get more out of Destiny 2, and will be continuously updated in the weeks ahead.)

Find a cargo manifest, infiltrate the Firebase and secure the explosives

As soon as you trigger this mission you’ll see an enormous objective marker appear in the center of your screen. Head towards it, moving to the ramp leading into the base itself. Here you’ll encounter the Firebase Controller who’s holding the keycard you need to proceed with the Adventure.

We recommend hitting him with an energy weapon and taking down his shield, before switching to your power weapon and hitting him as hard as possible. You’ll want to take him down quickly, as you want to avoid getting overwhelmed by the other Cabal forces nearby.

Once he’s down, it’s a case of grabbing the cargo manifest off his corpse and moving to the next objective marker. Go through the entrance, proceed through the corridors dropping all the Cabal on the way. When you’re in far enough, the objective will change and you’ll need to secure the explosives.

From here, it’s important to be patient and take care of the enemies methodically while moving around the area. You’re aim here is to see out each marker and interact with the explosives – which look more like security consoles. When you’re done, more Cabal Legionaries will stream into the room so prepare for a fight.

Destroy the Goliath tanks, arm the explosives and detonate them

Now that you’re done defusing the explosives, it’s time to do some planting of your own. Head outside and run towards the Goliath tanks positioned on the perimeter. Draw close and each tank will have white circular outlines underneath them. Move between each of these and interact with them, planting the explosives in the process.

This will trigger a little dialogue before you’re required to arm them. To do this, stand near the tanks and fend off waves of Cabal enemies until the prompt reaches 100%. Use the tanks themselves as cover, moving between them to avoid gunfire and peeking out to rattle off some shots of your own.

When you’re done, it’s all about blowing them to smithereens. Run over to objective marker on the opposite side of the area and hack the orange console in the entrance dead ahead.

Get to safety

Now that those tanks have been destroyed, it’s time to hightail out of there. Proceed through the corridor with the orange console, wiping out the Cabal and into a room with a set of ramps leading downwards. Again, descend down this room, clearing the trash as you go. Use the yellow barrels to really speed this process up!

We recommend moving from level to level, methodically wiping out each Cabal wave as you go, rather than trying to power through them all in one fell swoop.

Once you’re done, simply bolt it outside and that’s the mission complete!

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