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Destiny 2: Midtown guide – tips, tricks and strategy advice


Our starter guide to the new map coming with Destiny 2.

In our Destiny 2: Midtown guide, you’ll find all of the tips, tricks and strategy advice you need to survive and prosper on this new map.

Midtown was the first PVP map to be revealed for Destiny 2, sporting narrow corridors that make for close quarters, frenetic gun fights in the game’s new Countdown mode.

It’s not yet clear which Crucible modes will be available on which maps when the game goes live, but for now here’s some early Midtown tips and tricks we’ve been able to glean based on our time with the beta.

We’ll be updating this guide considerably over time, with plenty more extra detail once we get some more time with the beta and when the full game launches on September 6th. If you want to get up to speed with everything else to do with the game, check out our massive Destiny 2 guide.

Editor’s UPDATE #2: Now that we’ve had a chance to play this map extensively since the game’s launch, we’ve added in a few more tips to the defenders side. We’ll continue updating this page in due course, so keep this page bookmarked!

Midtown – Countdown strategy

Tips for attackers

  • We find ‘Rugs’ the easiest location to plant the bomb as it’s fairly safe to access and there are many ways of approaching the site. We recommend getting in there quick and establishing control of the site early, as this makes retaking the site more difficult for the enemy team.
  • It’s worth establishing yourself quickly on the bridge that sits in between Market and both spawn points. This way, you’ll already have the upper hand as it’s easier to land shots on an enemy below you.
  • Running in a straight line from the attacker’s spawn to Market isn’t the best plan of action. Instead, skirt around to the right and find an opening there. It means you’re not showing yourself immediately to the opposing team and you might even catch them off guard doing so.
  • As tempting as it is to run straight to one of the bomb sites, make sure one of your teammates has got the middle of the map covered. There’s a distinctive corridor with some double doors that you can jump up to and shoot down from, or you can swing right from here which’ll take you to a small open plaza. This little space is crucial to both teams, as it’s the junction most will pass through if they want to reach either bomb site.
  • Winning dominance over this area is important to an attacking team. If you can wrest control from the defenders, you can decide which bomb site to attack and keep the enemy on their toes. What’s more, it’s a decent flanking route that approaches each site from the side, meaning they won’t spot you until it’s too late (hopefully).
  • If you’re going to attack Market, it’s absolutely essential that you stick together. We found that if you bunch up on the bridge ahead of the attacker’s spawn and poke your noses out, you’ll be able to pick off an unlucky defender.
  • Again, when attacking Market, wait to pick someone off and rush in together. Aim for the same target and it’ll be very difficult for the defenders to respond. What’s more, it’s such an open site that there’s not much room for them to hide if you pile in!
  • Collect the Power Ammo along the wall that runs from Market to the attackers spawn as the ability to easily one shot defenders will give you an overwhelming advantage. You usually don’t encounter any resistance, and it’s near some flanking routes too – nice.
  • If you’ve planted the bomb, think about which area or route you’re covering. It all depends on the situation, but it could be worth hiding in a sneaky spot or training your aim down a corridor. Keep your wits about you, as planting the bomb doesn’t mean the job is done.

Destiny 2: PVP map guides

Tips for defenders

  • Try not to cram too many allies into the tight spaces that make up the center of Midtown, especially the corridors that lead into Rugs. It’s too easy for the enemy to chuck a grenade in and blow you all to smithereens.
  • Make sure you split up so you’re defending each point equally. This’ll dramatically increase your chances of locking down each site.
  • Try and communicate with your teammates and call out enemy positions. Knowing where they enemy is at all times will enable you to surprise the attackers – not the other way round.
  • We recommend getting into the habit of using Rifts and Barriers to buff or protect your allies. Barriers are especially useful for both bomb sites and could provide just enough breathing room to narrowly escape a dire situation.
  • Staying alive is more important than chasing kills when you’re defending. Just the fact that you’re a presence on a site can scupper the attacker’s chances of planting the bomb.
  • If the timer is ticking down and you’ve not seen anyone on the site you’re defending, it may be worth rotating around to the other. Of course, this is very much dependent on the scenario you’re in and the nature of the team you’re playing against.
  • Don’t ignore the power ammo points and keep an eye on their timer, you might be able to catch an attacker lurking nearby.
  • If you’ve scored a kill early on in a match, make sure you capitalise on this advantage and begin pressurising the attackers as much as possible. Start flanking, or closing in on them as they’ll already be unlikely to win the duels with a man down.
  • Make sure you’re fulfilling a position on the map that’s inline with what your other teammates are doing. For example, you could be keeping an eye on Rugs from a distance while the rest of your team holds Market. Playing with your team (even with randomers) increases your chances of defending successfully.

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