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Destiny 2: Raid Lair – Eater of Worlds guide


Everything you need to know about Destiny 2 first Raid Lair.

Our Destiny 2 Leviathan, Eater of Worlds Raid Lair guide contains everything need to know about this new set of raid encounters.

In addition to Destiny 2’s Leviathan Raid – which sees Guardians face off against a slew of mechanically intensive encounters and tough bosses in Emperor Calus’s domain – Bungie is set to introduce Raid Lairs into the fold with the Curse of Osiris DLC. These are entirely separate mini-raids set on the Leviathan, but are filled with brand-new challenges for your Fireteam to tackle.

The first of these two Raid Lairs is called “Eater of Worlds” and is going to be just as difficult, if not tougher, than the original Leviathan Raid itself. It’s got new mechanics, bosses and loot rewards to get stuck into.

Below we’ve put together a handy guide that’ll take you through the entire Raid Lair and help you smash through every encounter.

Editor’s UPDATE #6: We’ve tweaked a few tips and added some clarity where needed to make this guide even easier to understand and follow. Over time we’ll make sure this walkthrough is still relevant and begin throwing in other decent strategies too – stay tuned!

Eater of Worlds: Prestige Mode

A new version of Prestige mode is coming to the Eater of Worlds in the near future (potentially May) and it involves beating the Raid Lair with a specific loadout and special modifier.

Going forward, all Raids will have a normal mode active at all times, and each week one Raid or Raid Lair will have a curated loadout mode. Here’s a look at a hypothetical example of what we can expect.

Week 1

Raid Activity: Eater of Worlds

Modifier: Marksman. Precision damage is increased. Landing a precision shot grants one ammo directly to the magazine.

Required Loadout – Kinetic: Hand Cannon, Energy: Scout Rifle, Power: Linear Fusion.

Each week the activity, modifiers and loadouts will change.

For a full list of what’s coming to Destiny 2 in the next few months, make sure you take a look at Bungie’s official developer update.

Eater of Worlds: Full Walkthrough

We’ve put together a complete walkthrough to help you tackle every encounter buried deep within Emperor Calus’ Leviathan ship. It’s still a fairly early version of our guide, so there are many aspects which we’ll be tweaking and optimising as time goes by. If you’ve got any strategy tips or suggestions do make sure to drop them in the comments sections below – we might just feature it in our walkthrough!

Escape the Reactor

Hop Across The Platforms

  • Once you’ve entered the Eater of Worlds, follow the path, jump down the hole and continue through until you reach the first encounter.
  • Your main task here is to cross over to the other side of the lake. To do so, you’ll need to hop onto platforms that emerge from the water at particular intervals.
  • As you’re doing all this, you’ll have some Psions shooting you from above, so take them out quickly when you’ve got the chance. One or two shots to the head will do it.
  • Assign numbers (1-6) for your fireteam. This will be the order you’re jumping across the platforms.
  • When the first platform emerges from the water, the first member of your team will hop onto it. When the next platform emerges this member will move onto the second platform, while the second team member in line will take their place on the first platform, and so on. Essentially, you’re all hopping onto platforms and making your way across in one big line.
  • Be warned! Don’t double jump when you’re on a platform as this will trigger the platform and result in failure. Take your time, and call out when you’re jumping and what platform you’re going to.
  • Once you’ve reached the final platform there will be an audio cue and they’ll all start flashing orange, this is an indication that they’re all about to plummet back into the water. Don’t panic, just move as fast as possible to the other side as a unit!
  • It seems that only one teammate really needs to reach the end as the platforms will stay raised once you’ve done so.
  • Eventually you’ll reach the next section which requires you to repeat the same process, but in two teams of three – one team going left, the other going right.
  • Things are made a touch harder as the platforms begin raising in all sorts of directions. Just follow the same protocol – call out where you’re going and you’ll get to the end in no time.

Defeat The Loyalists

  • Once you’re through to the end, you’ll need to take out a number of Cabal Loyalists. There’s not much to this part, split into two groups and focus them down.
  • For safety’s sake, drop some Warlock Rifts for some quick healing access if team members get a bit low on health.
  • Don’t be afraid to use Supers, class abilities and more. Take care of the enemies and you’ll be tasked with a brand new objective.
  • Any combination of weapons will work well in this phase but we’d recommend shotguns, rifles or explosive power weapons for optimal damage.

Break The Barrier

Get Past The Pistons

  • When you’re done with the Loyalists and you’ll have to move through an engine room filled with tubes.
  • Pistons will emerge from the wall, glow red and emit an Arc pulse which will insta-kill anyone out in the open.
  • To avoid this, run along the tubes and keep an eye out for the pistons. As they’re emerging, duck into a safe spot that’ll cover you from the blast.
  • Once you’ve done this, you’ll be sucked into a tube and ejected through the Leviathan’s digestive system.

Destroy The Mines

  • Hop down and control your fall so you dodge the boulders and platform your way over to the next area.
  • You’ll notice there are Vex Craniums circling the zone. You need to pick these up and slam them into the glowing altars to charge them with a corresponding elemental energy.
  • The massive structure in the center is dotted with huge coloured mines that are threatening to explode (blue for Arc, Purple for Void, etc). You’ll need to grab the charged craniums and use the elemental laser beam they produce to destroy the mines before they detonate.
  • Split into three teams of two. At each plate you’ll have one person who’s job is to deal with mobs, and the other who’s grabbing the craniums (cannons) and charging them.
  • There are 6 cannons and each plate has 3 altars, so you can charge multiple cannons at once.
  • Work out which side is the focus and call out the mines you see. For example, 2 Void and 2 Solar. With this information, the cannon runners will begin charging them with the right element. Meanwhile, the others are keeping enemies under control.
  • When the cannons are ready you’ll grab them and begin lasering the corresponding mines. They’ll have enough charge to take out 1 and a half mines, so someone else can finish off the other or you can go back and grab another charged cannon.
  • Keep shouting out which mines are active and what elemental cannons are needed.
  • Repeat this process for all three sides and you’ll move onto the final boss fight!

Argos, Planetary Core Boss Fight

Shoot The Crystals

  • This fight’s a little more complicated but requires a very similar approach to the previous encounter.
  • Argos will initially choose a side in which a glowing cylinder will appear on his enormous shield. Surrounding this cylinder will be 3 glowing crystals, all corresponding to different elements.
  • So, you’ll need to slam the craniums into the altars to give you elemental charge.
  • Now use these charged weapons to match the element of the floating crystals in the sky. Get 3 party members with their respective cannons and shoot them at the same time so they begin moving across the middle of the screen and crash into the center. This will begin a damage phase.

Damage Phase

  • If you’ve got any charged craniums left, make sure you use them all up in the boss phase or to clear out a few pesky enemies – they deal tonnes of damage.
  • Now hunker down in the center, pop Rifts and throw down as much damage as possible. Try and ensure you’re using subclasses that are perfect for boosting your damage potential. Gunslinger Hunters and Arc Soul Rifts from Warlock Stormcallers are prime examples.
  • Rocket Launchers, Trace Rifles, Auto Rifles and Hand Cannons are your best sources of damage when Argos is vulnerable.
  • Try and keep slightly separated as this’ll make Argos less likely to trap you all in one Prism or wipe you all out with one dive bombing run. We suggest delegating one or two team members to take care of these enemies as they appear.
  • If you’ve got some left over charge from Vex Craniums, make sure you use them up on Argos as they deal immense amounts of damage.
  • Watch out for the prismatic shots he unleashes as these will trap you and send you flying into the air. Team members must shoot this cage to free you, so make sure you call out when you’re trapped by one.
  • There are also robotic Harpies that will dive bomb one player and explode, so try and shoot them before this happens.
  • If multiple Vex enemies are getting in the way, dedicate someone with a great mob clearing Super to deal with them quickly (Hunter Arcstrider, Warlock Stormcaller, Titan Striker). It’s better to survive than team wipe!

Shoot The Limbs

  • Once you’ve dealt enough damage it’ll go invulnerable, platforms pop into view and it’ll threaten to blow you all up. Split into two groups of three, position yourselves on either sides of its body and look out for the glowing white weak spots.
  • The focus on this phase isn’t to do big damage, it’s about keeping sustained fire on your target. As you’re shooting a limb it’ll begin to glow increasingly red – don’t stop until it’s exploded. Ensure someone’s always firing on a limb in your teams of two. Use auto-rifles or trace rifles as these will be most effective.
  • Coldheart is a firm favourite of ours when it comes to destroying Argos’ limbs. It’s got a heft magazine and ramps up in damage the longer you hold the trigger on a target.
  • You only need to destroy 2 limbs to stop this phase and there are 3 sets of 2 vulnerable areas. So, it’s best to go: 1. Arms, 2. Head, 3. Back.
  • Of course, this means you have 4 damage phases to defeat this boss. If you don’t take him out in 4 phases, you’ll wipe and have to start again.
  • If you’ve taken out two limbs, you’ll need to return back to your original position and begin cooking up some craniums dependent on what’s needed.
  • You’ll have to repeat all these steps, but once you’ve been through it successfully once it’ll get easier everytime.

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