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Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Secrets and Easter Eggs


Every easter egg and secret we've been able to track down in the DLC.

On this page you’ll find all of the Curse of Osiris secrets and easter eggs we’ve been able to track down since launch, with many updates to come!

The Curse of Osiris update has just gone live in Destiny 2, and along with the expected feast of new Strikes, missions and planets to explore there’ll no doubt be a whole load of new secrets and easter eggs to uncover as well.

We’ve already found one in The Lighthouse social hub which we’ve added to our Lighthouse guide, but we expect to find many more in the coming days and weeks. In this guide, we’ll add a quick breakdown of what we’ve found and where, so you can go and check it out for yourself or just enjoy the developer’s mischievousness.

If you’ve found any Osiris secrets or easter eggs yourself, sign and up and let us know about them in the comments! We’ll add them into this guide in the next update (with credit to you), so your super-sleuthing gets the recognition it deserves.

When you’re done here, don’t forget to take a look at our absolutely enormous Curse of Osiris guide, which contains info about beating all of the new content. It’ll be updated a huge amount over the next month or so, and we’re pretty confident it’s the only source of help you’re going to need!

Editor’s UPDATE #1: Just below you’ll find two completely new secrets: one relating to Saint-14, and the other on an elusive shotgun.

Secrets and Easter Eggs

Here are all of the goodies we’ve been able to track down so far. It’s brief at the moment but expect new updates to come thick and fast as the community tears through the new content.

Is this Saint-14?

Redditor _Wolvhammer_ has discovered a figure encased in purple tendrils while battling through the Up and Up Heroic Adventure in the Curse of Osiris. While it’s not been officially confirmed, it’s possible this could be Saint-14.

For those not familiar with Saint-14 and confused as to why this is significant, he’s a key character who holds a strong relationship with Osiris.

Saint-14 was the once who vouched for Osiris to be elevated to the Vanguard alongside Zavala and later went on to investigate what exactly he was up to on Mercury. Ever since he left to chase down Osiris, he’s not been seen or heard from. Maybe Wolvhammer’s found him overcome by a mysterious force?

Perfect Paradox Shotgun

In one of the Curse of Osiris’ first teaser trailers a rapid fire shotgun was showcased mowing down a Guardian in PVP. Now that the DLC has launched and we’ve all had time to bag brand new Legendary and Exotic loot everyone’s in agreement – there’s no sign of the special shotgun.

YouTuber MoreConsole Tweeted out details of the shotgun which he found online (in the Destiny Database perhaps) including the perks it’ll come with. We now know that it’s called Perfect Paradox, and it’s going to have the “Rapid fire Frame” and “Rampage” perks. This means it’s in the fastest weapon archetype and kills will grant you bonus damage which stacks up to three times.

Another YouTuber called Unknown Player speculates that we’ll be able to obtain this weapon having acquired 10 Lost Prophecy weapons.

For now we’ll have to wait and see! We’ll of course update this page once the secret has been fully unraveled.

Secret Chest in the Lighthouse

Upon entering the Lightouse, there’s a gate with what looks to be a Region chest locked away underneath the middle walkway.

Redditor TheMandolorian has already figured out what you need to do in order to access the chest and walk away with the spoils.

Here’s a step by step guide to getting your hands on the Lighthouse loot.

  • You’ll notice the chest is locked behind a blue barrier.
  • To open the barrier, you’ll need to find 5 books with glowing symbols and activate each one. This must be done in order and within a certain time limit, so don’t hang about!
  • 1: Go to Brother Vance and grab the book with the glowing yellow symbol on the table. Activate the symbol.
  • 2: Imagine you’re entering the Lighthouse for the first time, turn right and you’ll find the next book on the bookshelf.
  • 3: The third book is located directly right of the entry gate, on the front wall.
  • 4: For the fourth book, check the table across from the bookshelf you inspected in stage 2.
  • 5: The fifth book is on the far left wall up high. You’ll have to platform up to the shelf that’s jutting out to grab it.
  • 6:Finally, there’s a conflux that spawns near the table where you picked up the fourth book. Interact with it and the barrier to the chest should disappear!

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