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Destiny 2: Siren Song walkthrough guide (Adventure)


Here's how to easily beat this Adventure.

Our Destiny 2: Siren Song walkthrough guide explains how to investigate the gravity waves, search for the sources, destroy the hive shrines, defeat the Knight and transmat the crystal.

This Adventure requires you to disrupt a Hive Ritual and keep the Rig from sinking. It’s pretty important that you get the job done then, as you don’t want most of Titan plummeting into the sink!

At first you’ll have to survey a number of gravity waves lurking around Titan itself and then go on another hunt for the source. This’ll lead you into the Hive infested Solarium where quite a few baddies will be waiting for you – oh the joys.

Thankfully we’ve put together a guide that’ll help you out and ensure that you’ll make it out alive.

(If you want to be the best at every area of the game, don’t forget to bookmark our PVP, Campaign walkthrough and Subclass guide pages – they’ve got everything you need if you want to get more out of Destiny 2, and will be continuously updated in the weeks ahead.)

Investigate the Gravity Waves, Search for the sources and Destroy the Hive Shrine

The first objective isn’t too tricky. Simply follow the markers on your HUD to their respective locations and interact with the gravity waves.

Next, it’s another case of following the marker into the Solarium until you get to the first open area with the emptied swimming pool in the center. To the left of it there’s a Hive Shrine that you’ll have to dismantle with bullets.

Bear in mind that there’s a large pack of Hive waiting around this shrine, so stay at a distance and pick them all off. Once they’re down, take out the Shrine, and another marker will appear on your HUD.

Destroy the Hive Shrines, Find the Source and Stay Alive

Again, follow the marker up to the next Hive Shrine and shoot it down. There’s only one Knight guarding it, so take him out too. Once it’s down a new mob of enemies will spawn directly ahead, including a tough Ritual Hierarch.

Stay on the balcony you’re on, get out an energy of power weapon and drop the Hierarch before moving onto the rest. A well timed grenade from above would also work a treat!

Proceed to the next marker, drop down into put and you’ll come across the next Hive Shrine. This time, get out a close range weapon and lay waste to the Hive enemies guarding it. Once it’s down a Ritual Hierarch will spawn, so adopt the same strategy as before and it’ll go down pretty sharpish.

Follow the new marker and you’ll descend into a long corridor with a large, yellow crystal over in the distance. Clear out the Hive enemies as you proceed – a grenade will sort them out nicely.

When you draw closer to the yellow crystal a little dialogue will play and you’ll have to fight to stay alive. It’s here that you’ll want to stay put and take cover behind the small box to your left. Get out an Auto-Rifle or explosive power weapon and lay waste to the horde of enemies. Try and save your Super for later.

Keep shooting away and watch your sides as pesky Wizards can spawn in. It’s also worth prioritising the Cursed Thralls whenever you see them as they’ll cause huge splash damage to all surrounding enemies.

Sooner or later you’ll reach the final wave where a tough Hive Knight called Nalcthor, the Crystalline spawns in. Now’s the time to use your Super and lay into him, or use your Power weapon and he’ll go down very quickly.

Once he’s down, that’s the end of the Adventure!

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