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Destiny 2: The Inverted Spire walkthrough guide – Protheon, Modular Mind


A complete guide to completing the first Strike unveiled by Bungie.

Our Inverted Spire guide for Destiny 2 contains tips, tricks and tactics for Protheon, Modular Mind, and advice for completing all objectives too.

The Inverted Spire is the first Strike to be revealed by Bungie and is set on the planet Nessus, a once pristine world now completely overrun by the Vex who have turned the planet into something more closely resembling one of their rather bleaker machine worlds.

Although there’s quite a lot of trash mob clearing to be done in this particular Strike, there are also some tricky environmental hazards you’ll have to watch out for too, as they can easily spell ruin for your team. A handful of particular tough enemies await you in this instance as well, along with a pretty fiddly boss fight. To help you get on top of the challenge, we’ve put together a comprehensive walkthrough for you.

We’ve based this guide on our experience in The Inverted Spire, and we’ve also embedded a walkthrough video produced by YouTuber NextGenTactics. It’s also worth noting that the screenshots used in this piece have been taken directly from the video.

When you’re done reading this walkthrough make sure you bookmark our Strikes guide as we’ve put together easy to follow walkthroughs so you can beat each one. For those who relish a tough challenge, our Nightfall Strike guide should do the trick – we update it weekly, so keep checking back for the latest guide!

Editors UPDATE #5: Since the game’s launch, we’ve given this guide an overhaul and added in more detailed tips and tricks. We’ll continue updating it when we come across better strategies, so keep this page bookmarked for more!

Starting out

The Inverted Spire begins with a little bit of running and trash-clearing. Look dead ahead and you’ll see a path that winds around to the left and straightens out. Follow this path and you’ll see a marker appear in the distance, along with some enemies too.

Keep moving forwards and take care of the enemies on your way. Soon you’ll reach a rock ledge that’s obscuring the view ahead, hop over it and you’ll emerge into an open space characterised by a stone platform flanked by two short pillars.

Defeat all of the Vex mobs, and a white Conflux tower will appear. Interact with it and it’ll disappear. Once it’s gone, floating rock platforms should phase in all of a sudden. Now begins a simple platforming section, be careful not to fall down and work your way to shining, white portal.

Head into the portal and you’ll be rocketed into a new area. There’s a few enemies in the distance and some will spawn in dead ahead. We recommend hanging out in the large tunnel and picking off your targets methodically. Once you’re done, head over to the next portal.

Next you’ll enter an enclosed, cavernous region – just follow the path down and around. Soon there’s a large drop filled with quite a few Vex enemies. Take some out from range to avoid being completely overwhelmed.

The action gets a little more frenzied here, so you might want to get those grenades at the ready. Make sure you’re ducking behind cover constantly to regenerate shields or health, as it’s surprisingly easy to get burst down if you’re not careful. Warlocks should employ their Rifts and Titans their Barriers too!

As you draw closer to the end of the path, there’s a couple of larger Vex with shields that’ll close the gap and pounce on you. Whip out energy weapons if you want to break their defenses quickly. Once you’ve cleared the area, proceed through the entrance on the left.

Before long you’ll come to a more open area. Veer left and you’ll be able to see a platform far down below. Head down, dealing with the heavily-armoured butcher mobs as you go. Keep making your way downwards.

Eventually you’ll come to a vast barren area filled with warring Vex and Cabal enemies. It’s up to you whether you want to destroy them all, but the main objective lies further ahead. Most enemies here won’t do you much harm, just watch out for the War Beasts charging at you and try and pick them off from range – it’s a lot less messy this way.

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Eliminate the Drill Officers

Your next task is to deal with the sudden influx of Cabal, Colossus and Blood Guard Legionary.

It’s worth raising your Barriers and deploying your Rifts straight away when the Cabal appear, as you’re out in the open straight away. Don’t forget to take out the pesky Psion sniper perched on top of the structure to the right as he can deal a huge amount of damage.

Focus your attention on the Colossus and stay on the move, or duck away into cover – avoid standing still and shooting as his gun can knock you out in no time. Once he’s down, that’s one box ticked and it’s time to take out the Blood Guard.

Move into the buildings on the right and ready your best close range weapon, spray him down together and he shouldn’t really pose much of a threat.

Exit the building and swing right, you’ll see a few more enemies on a large metal platform. Take them out, activate the marker and head into the roaring device to be flung to the next section. When you hit the other side there’ll be lots of trash to deal with, so be ready for a pretty intense fight.

Once all of these enemies are dead, drop down into the circular put below and take out a few beefy Gladiators. Equipping an SMG here makes this next stage far easier as they’re able to shred enemies very quickly at close quarters.

Reset the Transit System

While the Transit System is being reset, you’ll have to see off a series of attacking waves. We recommend holding out on the slightly elevated area at the back of the area which causes enemies to funnel towards you so you can spray them down easily. Don’t be afraid to pop a Super here, you’ll generate many Orbs of Light doing so as well.

The event ends after just a couple of minutes, although right at the finish you’ll have to deal with another Bloodguard Legionary.

Once he’s dead, take another ride on the fiery jet engine and you’ll find yourselves back down below.

From here, just keep making your way down through the subterranean sections, although when you get back outside watch out for the two enemies up on the ledge to your left. Don’t get sniped!

Now keep following the stone platforms as you jump downwards.

Cross the Digsite

There’s a pretty tricky enemy coming up called a Bloodguard Incendior. Don’t get too near to him, and watch out for the shots of flames he spews out continuously. The gas canister on his back is susceptible to being shot and will explode after taking a few hits. If you can, jump behind him and let loose.

Make your way along the pathway with the massive spinning rig to your left, dealing with the mobs as you go.

It may seem rather intimidating at first, but make sure you’re using the gaps in the scenery along this pathway and you’ll breeze through it.

We found sprinting forwards while quickly ascending the pathways an easy way of getting through this section. Wait for the all clear and then don’t stop, keep ploughing forwards and you shouldn’t really encounter any issues at all!

Once you’re through, walk right up to the ledge and jump down, softening your blow with a little boost just before you hit the ground. As soon as you land, be ready to deal with a bunch of Harpies. Just pepper them in their glowing eye sockets and they won’t stand a chance.

After this, jump across the chasm to automatically trigger the next stage of the encounter – the fight with the final boss: Protheon, Modular Mind.

Defeat Protheon, Modular Mind

Phase One

You’ve got plenty of cover here to steer out the way of Protheon’s shots, but be aware of the Harpys that’ll continue to spawn into the arena. We recommend delegating one member of your fireteam to clearing them out to avoid getting overwhelmed by their surprisingly lethal lasers.

Make sure you’re always keeping a close eye on Protheon. He’s got an AOE explosions ability that periodically charges up throughout the fight. It’s capable of insta-killing you, so if you see a blue crackling effect be extra mindful of your positioning.

Throughout the fight, keep in mind that Protheon can teleport to continue his highly damaging attacks – try not to lose track of him!

Otherwise just keeping picking off those Harpys, stay at range from the boss, and take opportunistic shots at him whenever you can.

At a specific moment in the fight the floor will open up and you’ll fall down into a new arena. There’s less cover here, the boss switches energy types, and you’ll need to deal with the Goblin trash that routinely appears.

Protheon will develop a habit of slamming the ground with his fist, blanketing the floor in fire. Get caught up in this and it’ll rapidly eat away at your health bar. It’s also worth noting that if you stand in the flames for too long, they’ll send you skyward and potentially to your death. As soon as you see the fire, jump to the side as quickly as you can!

Carry on picking off the Goblins while taking opportunistic shots at the boss, then be prepared to drop down once again at around 50% of the boss’ health.

Deal with the Goblin trash, then get ready to start the main fight again. Eventually another load of Goblins, Harpys and other trash will spawn from outside the arena, so focus on these before returning to Modular Mind.

It’s worth circling the perimeter of the arena when you’re facing Protheon in his final stage, and using the cover to avoid his attacks. Even better, if one of you can focus on drawing his attention while the other two unleash hell on his head, this is what’s going to make the difference.

One Super directed at the mobs and another at Protheon is another great way of clearing the overwhelming horde of enemies as well as outputting more damage on the main threat.

As Protheon takes more damage in this final phase, he’ll become increasingly aggressive and enter a berserker state. He’ll attempt to charge you down and generate damaging shockwaves, so keep on your toes and pair with a teammate if you can. This way you’ll have a better chance of dodging his attacks and reviving each other if one of you gets caught.

Eventually you’ll just have to deal with the last 10% or so of the boss’ health, so keep moving, revive any Guardians who fall, and keep pushing through to the end. The damage gets tricky to handle here, so play with an abundance of caution.

Inverted Spire Trivia

  • During each phase, Protheon glows a different colour which reflects the elemental weapon damage he’ll be dishing out
  • When he’s close to death, Protheon’s armoured body appears damaged and torn, making it the only boss so far to have its appearance change during battle.
  • Protheon bears a striking resemblance to Atheon, Time’s Conflux, a Vex Minotaur and overseer of the Vault of Glass from Destiny 1.

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