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Destiny 2: The Lighthouse guide – vendors, activities and secrets


Our essential guide to this social space set on Mercury.

Our Destiny 2: The lighthouse guide contains everything you need to know about Mercury’s social hub, from vendors to unlocking its secrets.

Along with the Tower and the Farm, the Curse of Osiris expansion has introduced another social space into the fold – sort of. The Lighthouse actually returns from the original Destiny, but this time it’s not an exclusive location locked behind player skill, it’s the main hub for Destiny 2’s first DLC.

Before, highly skilled PVP players could only visit the Lighthouse having gone flawless in the Trials of Osiris. There wasn’t much to do, apart from collect your sweet loot rewards and take some pretty screenshots of Mercury. Now it’s home to an NPC called Brother Vance, a weapon forge and more.

Throughout your time on Mercury, it’s safe to say you’ll be spending a lot of time in the Lighthouse, so we’ve put together a guide that’ll break down all its key features for you. Simply scroll through the sections to find what you’re after!

Do bear in mind that this is the first iteration of our Lighthouse guide, and we’ll continue updating it throughout the launch period as people discover secrets or other key features.

For everything on Destiny 2’s first expansion, check out our Curse of Osiris guide for links to all of our walkthroughs and more!

Editor’s UPDATE #3: We’ve added an extra paragraph to our FAQ section which should help explain the difference between Destiy 2’s Lighthouse and the original game’s version. What’s more, we’ve also cleared up the fact that you can’t open the special chest more than once for anyone who’s tried. We’ll continue updating this guide over time, so keep this article bookmarked for all the latest updates!

How to unlock the Secret Chest

Upon entering the Lightouse, there’s a gate with what looks to be a Region chest locked away underneath the middle walkway.

Redditor TheMandolorian has already figured out what you need to do in order to access the chest and walk away with the spoils.

Here’s a step by step guide to getting your hands on that sweet loot.

  • You’ll notice the chest is locked behind a blue barrier.
  • To open the barrier, you’ll need to find 5 books with glowing symbols and activate each one. This must be done in order and within a certain time limit, so don’t hang about!
  • 1: Go to Brother Vance and grab the book with the glowing yellow symbol on the table over to his left. Activate the symbol.
  • 2: Imagine you’re entering the Lighthouse for the first time, turn right and you’ll find the next book on right at the bottom of the bookshelf.
  • 3: The third book is located directly right of the entry gate, on the front wall.
  • 4: For the fourth book, check the table across from the bookshelf you inspected in stage 2. The glowing symbol is near one of the followers of Osiris.
  • 5: Now imagine you’re looking directly at the Weapon Forge. The fifth book is to the top right, up high. You’ll have to platform up to the shelf that’s jutting out to grab it.
  • 6: Finally, there’s a conflux that spawns near the table where you picked up the fourth book. Interact with it and the barrier to the chest should disappear!

Once you’ve cracked the chest open, it should reward you with around 3 Mercury Tokens and a couple of Legendary Engrams. That’s pretty nice, considering some chests and activities reward you with a fraction of what this glorious chest has to offer.

Of course, once you’ve opened it you won’t be able to repeat this process to grind out rewards constantly.

Destiny 2: The Lighthouse FAQ

The Lighthouse is the main social space introduced with the Curse of Osiris DLC. As you progress throughout the DLC’s campaign and participate in all the new content it has to offer, you’ll be visiting this hub frequently to cash in your tokens and redeem your rewards.

What planet is The Lighthouse on?

You’ll find the Lighthouse on Mercury, meaning it’s only accessible if you’ve purchased the Curse of Osiris DLC.

When do you unlock the Lighthouse?

You’ll gain access to the Lighthouse very early on in the Curse of Osiris campaign.

How long is it active for?

The Lighthouse never disappears and is always present in the game.

Is this similar to Destiny 1’s Lighthouse?

Aesthetically it retains much of the same feel, but in terms of content it’s far more fleshed out. If you’re looking for Destiny 2’s equivalent of the Lighthouse from Destiny 1 – it’s the Third Spire. You’ll access this area by participating in PVP mode Trials of the Nine and reap the best rewards by going on a flawless run.

For everything you need to know about this area, head over to our Trials of the Nine guide.

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris guides

What’s in the Lighthouse?

What vendors are in the Lighthouse?

Unlike the other social spaces in Destiny 2, the Lighthouse is only home to one NPC called Brother Vance. He’ll be your main port of call when it comes to claiming rewards and doing activities on Mercury.

What events and activities can I get involved in at the Lighthouse?

Lost Prophecies

If you speak to Brother Vance, you’ll notice he’s selling a number of Lost Prophecy verses. Purchasing one of these will send you on a fetch quest that’ll result in some unique, powerful gear.

For a complete walkthrough on how Lost Prophecies work, make sure you check out our Lost Prophecy guide for more!

Heroic Adventures

Speaking to Brother Vance once you’ve completed the Curse of Osiris campaign and the normal Adventures will unlock Heroic Adventures. These are similar to the normal Adventures, but they’re much more difficult. Enemies have tonnes of health and there’s a time limit to certain stages – it’s brutal.

To make up for the challenge, you’ll be rewarded handsomely upon completion. Expect more Mercury Tokens and better gear drops over its normal mode equivalent!

Weapon Forge

Located in the Lighthouse itself is a mysterious weapon forge. This is linked to the Lost Prophecy verses Brother Vance is selling (which we’ve expanded on a little above) and enables you to craft a unique Curse of Osiris themed weapon once you’ve completed the set requirements.

There’s a total of 11 weapons you’re able to craft, so you’ll be visiting the forge regularly to obtain your powerful gear!

That’s all we have for now, but we’ll continuously update this page as more information swings our way.

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