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Destiny 2: Tree of Probabilities Strike guide


Our essential guide to completing this Curse of Osiris Strike.

Our Tree of Probabilities Strike guide contains tips, tricks and tactics for defeating Valus Thuun and completing all the objectives too.

With the launch of Curse of Osiris comes a brand new Strike that’s set in the heart of the Infinite Forest.

The forest itself isn’t somewhere you’d go for a peaceful ride on your Sparrow, it’s the complete opposite. Designed by the Vex to simulate every possible reality in their hunt for universal domination, the Infinite Forest is filled with dangerous enemies and treacherous platforming sections.

Seems that there’s an army of Red Legion enemies running rampant in the Infinite Forest and it’s up to us to clear them out. We’ll avoid spoiling the story for you, but it’s something that you’ll uncover when playing through the Curse of Osiris campaign.

When you’re done reading this walkthrough, do make sure you bookmark our Strikes guide as we’ve put together a bunch of easy to follow walkthroughs so you can beat each one. For those of you who relish an even trickier challenge, our Nightfall and Heroic Strike guides should do the trick.

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Tree of Probabilities Strike: Walkthrough

Approach the Infinite Forest gateway and Track the Cabal

  • When you first start out, you’ll need to head into the Infinite Forest. Simply follow the marker, clear the enemies and step into the portal. Just watch out for the Colossus standing near the gateway as he packs quite a punch. Thankfully a rocket or two sorts him out nicely.
  • Now it’s a case of working your way through the Infinite Forest.n Again, clear the enemies as you work your way through and open the doors to progress.
  • It’s pretty simple stuff, just keep in mind that some doors are locked until you defeat tougher enemies called Daemons. If you’re in a hurry, you can actually run past most of the enemies!
  • Once you’re at the end, make your way through the next portal and out into “Simulant Present”.

Eliminate Hostiles and Find the map of the Infinite Forest

  • When you emerge into Simulant Present, hop down and start clearing the mobs of enemies. It might be worth popping one Super here just to deal with the sheer number of Cabal and Vex occupying the area.
  • In order to progress, summon your Sparrow and boost over the ramp to the other side. When you land, stay on your Sparrow and follow the path that winds around and down a set of ramps into a laser-pocked tunnel.
  • Keep going and avoid the lasers. Boost across to the final platform where there’s a dead end and begin clearing out the Cabal. Use the large stone blocks as cover when progressing and you’ll be fine.
  • There’s an Honored Gladiator right at the end, so it’s worth whipping out a power weapon and hitting him hard until he goes down.
  • Once you’re done, turn left and progress through to the next area.
  • Drop down into the mini-arena and an enormous Vex Minotaur will spawn – don’t bother shooting it. A huge Cabal enemy will leap from above and crush it in one fell swoop. Time for a boss fight.

Defeat Valus Thuun

  • When he drops down, be wary of the faint organe laser beams that cut across the arena. These will activate once his health bar depletes to a certain level, so try and be aware of your positioning throughout the fight.
  • Valus isn’t too threatening and we’d recommend you keep some distance and hit him in the skull with as much firepower as you’ve got. The only attack you need to watch out for is his stomp which will send you flying into the lasers – not ideal.
  • Once you’ve hit him hard enough, he’ll become immune and flee to the next area. Simply clear the arena of Vex until you’re able to move through.
  • Again, hang back, hit him in the head and be wary of the lasers.
  • In his final form, things become a little trickier. He’s able to leap forwards and send you flying with a massive punch, so it’s important that you’re constantly on the move and circling him from a distance.
  • As the fight drags on, keep an eye on his health bar as once he drops low, the lasers will suddenly cut through most of the arena. It’s at this point you’ll need to be wary of where you’re moving and pop any Supers that haven’t been activated yet.
  • Once he’s down, that’s the Strike complete!

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