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Destiny 2: Unbreakable guide


You'll find everything you need to know about this mission right here.

Our Destiny 2: Unbreakable guide contains a walkthrough for this Adventure and details of the rewards for beating it.

Adventures in Destiny 2 are bite-sized missions that will take you somewhere between 10 minutes and half an hour to complete. To get started on them, you’ll have to search for the relevant NPC located in the area. Once you’ve found them, they’ll task you with a number of optional objectives such as fighting off hordes of enemies, or detonating an explosive charge in an enemy controlled fortress.

In many ways, Adventures are Bungie’s way of making sure Guardians enjoy traversing each planet over the long term by filling them with all manner of exciting missions with equally enticing rewards. Unbreakable is one of these missions, and tasks you with destroying a powerful mini-boss on the planet Nessus.

Currently, there isn’t too much information out there regarding this Adventure, and we’ll overhaul this guide when we get some hands-on time with the game for ourselves. For now, this is very much a template for the future, but it should provide you with some exciting details on the mission to come!

If you’re after even more information on other Adventures in Destiny 2, make sure you check out our continuously updated Adventure guide.

In the video we’ve linked below, you’ll see brief glimpses of Unbreakable in action.

The player shown seems to be travelling a fair distance across the Nessus in order to complete the mission, which suggests that it’s going to be far from straightforward to complete. Skip to around 1:34 and watch the video through in order to see all the footage of the Adventure in action.


In this section of our guide you’ll find which NPC will give you the mission, where they’re located and how you can get to them.

Coming soon


Below you’ll find a list of objectives that you’ll have to tick off in order to complete the mission.

  • Collect a Large Energy Font.
  • Plant the Disruptor Charge.
  • Destroy the Empowered Minotaur.

You’ll be able to see snippets of Unbreakable footage from around the 1:29 mark in the video we’ve embedded above. The first teaser shows a Guardian riding a Sparrow across Nessus, and the final clip at 2:36 shows them slaughtering Vex with their Arc Staff.

All of this hopping around the planet Nessus suggests that collecting the “Large Energy Font” requires you to actively seek Vex enemies, kill them, and hope that they drop it. Perhaps once you’ve done this, you move to another area and plant the “Disruptor Charge” to destroy something that the Vex hold dear, before taking on the Empowered Minotaur in a final showdown.

The Empowered Minotaur wields a Torch Hammer that fires explosive Void bolts, and it’s not an enemy to be taken lightly by any means. It’s also capable of punching through Guardian shields in next to no time, and when we get stuck into the mission ourselves we’ll develop a strategy for taking him down with ease. For now, it’s pretty clear that it’ll involve a lot of moving between cover if you’re to survive.


Coming soon


Here’s the list of goodies you’ll receive for completing the Adventure.

Coming soon

Although there’s no confirmation of what we’ll receive for completing this Adventure, we have an inkling that the most likely reward will be an Engram of some sort. Engrams are items that can be given to Cryptarchs who hang out in social spaces like The Farm, and decoded into varying rarities of loot. We can only hope that this mission gives us a juicy Rare Engram for our efforts!

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