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Destiny 2: Vex Crossroads guide – Defeat the Gate Lord and trigger Heroic event


How to complete this Mercury Public Event and activate the Heroic version.

Our Destiny 2: Vex Crossroads guide contains a complete walkthrough on how to complete this Public Event, defeat the Gate Lord and trigger the Heroic version.

Described as a “Bespoke Public Event” by Bungie, the Vex Crossroads is the largest of its kind in Destiny 2. It’s set on Mercury, a planet introduced with the Curse of Osiris DLC and one that’s been completely terraformed by the Vex and turned into an instrument for galactic domination.

If there’s one thing that sums up Vex Crossroads, it’s scale. This Public Event is lengthy and requires a number of steps to complete. You’ll be tasked with defeating mini-bosses in order to advance and make your way towards the final boss – an enormous Vex Gate Lord.

As it’s much meatier than all the other Public Events in Destiny 2, we’ve put together a complete walkthrough so you can power through it with ease and reap the rewards. Scroll down a little further and you’ll also find out how to up the ante and trigger the Heroic version.

When you’re done, don’t forget to check out our massive Curse of Osiris guide which contains walkthroughs for every last aspect of the game’s first DLC!

Editor’s UPDATE #8: We’ve cleared up a few tips and tricks to ensure it’s a walkthrough that’s easier to understand. We’ll continue updating this guide over time, so stay tuned for more very soon!

Vex Crossroads walkthrough

Here’s a step by step guide to completing this Public Event.

Part One

  • Once the event starts, you’ll be tasked with slaying Vex enemies to draw out the deadlier Gatekeepers. Simply go to town and start eliminating any nearby Vex until you reach 100% and trigger the next objective.
  • When you’re done, you’ll have to seize 4 keys from Vex Gatekeepers to disable 4 warp gates. So, look around for a large Vex Hydra called Keeper of Ages and focus your efforts on taking it out.
  • It’s worth noting that 90% of the time it’s Vex Hydras, but in our experience it can be Vex Cyclops’ as well. Either way, they’re tough so be careful when facing them.
  • Do be a bit wary when taking on these Hydras as they can pack a punch if they catch you with a few explosive shells. We recommend hanging back until they’re completely exposed and closing the gap with a power weapon. A few choice shotgun blasts to the eye will do the trick.
  • As they explode, they’ll drop 3 keys or Arc Charges (one for each Guardian in your Fireteam). Each party member must pick up one of these keys and run over to the corresponding altars surrounding the arena – these will be marked on your HUD and look similar to glowing wells of Light.
  • Head over to these altars and run into them to automatically dunk your keys – and destroy any nearby enemies in the process too. When everyone’s done so, a booster pad will spawn very nearby.
  • Hop into the booster and you’ll be launched over to the next island.
  • Rinse and repeat this method a couple more times, until you’re prompted to “Travel to the island to shut down its warp gate.”

Part Two

  • when you’re prompted to travel back to the island, simply follow the HUD markers towards the booster pads and you’ll be blasted over to the Gate Lord.
  • As this is only the normal version of the Strike, the Gate Lord is significantly weaker. There aren’t any special mechanics that’ll catch you off guard, it’s not going to protect itself and it’s not going to surprise you with a one-shot kill ability.
  • Simply keep your distance, circle the arena and hit it where it hurts. Be mindful of the Vex mobs that’ll spawn in during the fight though, as they can be quickly overwhelm your fireteam if they aren’t dealt with.
  • To chunk its health bar hard, pop all your Supers at the same time and barrage it. There’s no chance it’ll live for much longer.

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris guides

How to Trigger the Heroic Version

Below you’ll find out how to activate the Heroic version of this Public Event for a greater challenge and better loot rewards.

  • Get to the point where you’ve been boosted over to one of the islands.
  • Go about the usual business of dunking the relic to progress. Instead of hopping onto the booster pad though, head to outer edge of the arena and look out for a crystal floating in the air.
  • Shoot the crystal and it’ll spawn a platform for you to hop onto.
  • Keep shooting the crystals until you’re able to jump right up to the top of the tower and try and do it as quickly as possible. We’ve waited around for too long before and the platforms have all disappeared, leaving us to plummet to our deaths below.
  • Head to the center of this tower and there will be a metal plate. Simply stand on it until you’re notified that you’ve activated the Heroic.
  • It’s worth noting that you only have to do this on one of the islands, not all of them. Just successfully shoot the crystals once and you’re good to go!
  • As a final pointer, you should take into account how many players are getting stuck in. If a couple of others are aiming to destroy the crystals, it’s best to carry on with the Public Event while they get on with it. This way you’ll speed up the event in general.

Tips for defeating the Heroic Gate Lord

  • In the normal version you’ll only have to contend with a large Vex in a small arena. There aren’t any additional mechanics to worry about. This isn’t the case with the Heroic version.
  • Instead, every time you drop the Gate Lord to a certain amount of health, it’ll turn invulnerable and shield itself. At this point, a Keeper of Ages will spawn in the arena with you.
  • Take out the Hydra and clear the area before picking up one of the Arc Charges it drops. If you’ve grabbed the Arc Charge, run over to the booster pad just outside of the arena and it’ll blast you over to a “dunk-zone” in the center of area.
  • If you want to save some time, you can actually dunk the Arc Charge without having to run over to the booster pad. Simply grab it and use the pillars/blocks dotted around the arena as platforms to elevate yourself from – jump up to the doughnut ring and dunk.
  • Once you’ve dunked (only one team member needs to do so), the Gate Lord’s shield will drop and you’ll all be able to damage him again.
  • To deal the most damage, hit him in the glowing segment on his chest or pepper him with explosive Power Weapons to chunk his health bar hard.
  • Simply rinse and repeat this method.
  • It won’t be long before he falls, and once he goes down you’ll earn two loot boxes instead of one!

Farming Radiolarian Culture

Mercury’s Vex Crossroads Public Event is also a pretty decent way of farming Radiolarian Culture, one of the key ingredients needed for completing Brother Vance’s Lost Prophecy Verses and forging Curse of Osiris’ unique Lost Prophecy weapons.

If you’ve unlocked Brother Vance’s Lost Prophecy Verses, the first verse requires you to grab Radiolarian Culture by battling through Public Events – this is the only way you’ll obtain it.

Completing Vex Crossroads on Heroic Mode will reward you with two chests everytime. This means that you’ll have an even greater chance of collecting Radiolarian Culture and if you can perfect the run, you’ll be farming them in next to no time.

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