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Destiny 2: Vostok guide


Get to grips with Destiny 2's latest PvP map.

Our Destiny 2: Vostok guide will provide you with all the tips, tricks and strategy advice you’ll need to emerge victorious on the Control map.

Vostok might seem rather familiar to Destiny 1 veterans, as it’s a PVP take on the Iron Temple social space which came with the Rise of Iron expansion. The map is situated high up in Felwinter Peak, making it a snowy, mountainous location – in stark contrast to every other map that’s been revealed so far. It’s also the largest map we’ve seen, shifting the focus away from tightknit skirmishes to a mixture of long range sniper battles and sneaky flanking routes.

Although we’ve only got gameplay footage to go on so far, we’ve put together a bunch of early tips and tricks to give you the early edge on your opponents when the beta begins. Of course, when the beta starts and we get some real hands on time with the map, you’ll see this page completely overhauled with a comprehensive selection of strategies – bear with us for now!

While you’re here, it’s worth checking out both our Countdown guide and Control guide as they’ll get you up to speed with the two game modes we know are coming to Destiny 2. Otherwise, our massive Destiny 2 guide contains absolutely everything you could possibly want to know about the game.

Editor’s UPDATE: We’ve added a few extra tips and tricks to the “Control Strategy” section. We’ll overhaul this guide considerably once we get hands on with the game and get to test drive the map for ourselves – stay tuned for more!

Vostok – Control Strategy

Editor’s Note: We understand that this section is a little basic, and we’ll be sure to completely overhaul it when we get some hands on time with the game!

  • Be particularly careful when you’re skirting around the edges of Vostok as you can be knocked off the edge.
  • We recommend being patient when attacking an objective. Once you’ve gained control it’s hard for the opponents to wrest back. Focus on staying alive and picking targets off.
  • We reckon it’s best to equip yourself with both a long range weapon and close quarters equivalent. This allows you to excel in Vostok’s tight-knit areas and gives you the option to snipe enemies from a distance once you’ve taken control of a point.
  • Use the cave system to flank around enemies and avoid sniper fire. Just be ready for a close quarters fight!
  • Once you’ve taken control point, it’s not worth leaving it immediately and chasing another. They’re incredibly hard for attackers to recapture, so it’s worth utilising your advantage as a defender and building a point lead for as long as you can.
  • When you’re sniping at an objective, beware of developing tunnel vision. Try not to sit there and aim down your sights constantly! Keep on the move around the point you control and you’ll be far more effective in actually defending the point – you won’t be a sitting duck!
  • Coordinate with your team to capture each objective. All of the control points are located in fortresses or miniature bases, meaning you can’t just rush in and expect to wrest control from the enemy.
  • If you’ve got a pulse, scout or sniper rifle – get yourself up to one of many sniper positions. They’re crucial for keeping an eye on enemy movements as well as locking down a certain area on the map.
  • It’s probably not worth using one of the main paths to attack an objective as you’ll be playing right into the enemy’s hands. Look for a flank route and you’ll have a much greater chance of taking the point and catching your opponents off guard.
  • Titan Barricades are brilliant for locking down a tight tunnel or corridor, don’t be afraid to use them liberally!

Destiny 2: PVP map guides

Gameplay footage

Below we’ve embedded gameplay footage showcasing the Titan Striker and Titan Sentinel in action.

That’s all we’ve got for now, but we’ll update our tips section extensively when we get our hands on the game. Keep this page bookmarked for more!

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